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Ed with the house dogs
Photo from July, 2005 - Ed Frawley with three of his 5 house dogs: Rainy, Morgi and CJ


Am I the only one who has noticed how many web sites on dogs, dog kennels and dog training on the internet that not only don't identify the people who own these business, they don't tell you one thing about the owners experience in the field.

I have a saying that I like to quote when customers send me emails asking my thoughts on recommendations they have been given or read on training. My saying goes like this:

" You are always going to be exposed to people who offer advice on how to train your dog or fix your dogs behavioral issues. The problem is that most of these people don’t have the experience to offer sound advice. This results in a lot of bad dog training information being passed out."

This web page is a brief outline of Ed Frawley's experience.


Ed Frawley owns Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. Leerburg is a family owned business that Ed started in 1982.

Ed has trained dogs since 1960. Ed started to video tape dog training seminars in 1978. In1982 he started selling dog training videos that he produced. In 1978 he began breeding working bloodline German Shepherds and continued breeding for the next 35 years. In the early 1980’s Ed began competing in AKC obedience, AKC tracking and Schutzhund. In the late 1980’s Ed was an AKC sheep dog herding judge.

From 1990 to 2000 he was a K-9 handler on the Dunn Country Sheriff Dept. During those years he worked with West Central drug task force in Western Wi.

In 2011 Ed tasked the 7 members of Leerburg's IT department with writing the computer code for Leerburg’s on-line learning software.

Ed brings over 50 years of dog training experience along with many years of law enforcement to Leerburg’s videos and courses.

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