The First Steps of Bite Training

Skill Level: Intermediate

Length: 4 Modules

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I went to my first Schutzhund seminar in October 1974. I was instantly hooked on protection dog training. During the next 10 years I went to every seminar I could find in this country on training protection dogs, Schutzhund dogs, and police service dogs.


In 1983 I produced my first bite training video titled "Protection Training the Beginning with Bernhard Mannel." In the 13 years that followed I learned so much more about protection training that I was forced to update that old video and pass this information on to my customers.


Protection training is extremely complex if done properly. If the foundation for protection work is not 100% correct it is only a matter of time before a dog and handler run into problems. From the beginning, my goal for this training was to explain the protection training process in a way that even a person with very little dog training experience could understand.


In this course I explain the drives of protection training in detail. We see how these drives are effected by the dogs nerves. You will learn how to identify individual drive thresholds on your dog and then how to use that information to develop a step by step training program tailored for a young dog. Because each dog has different drive levels and every dog has different nerve levels, we cannot train any 2 dogs the same way. This course helps the viewer identify the needs of his dog and then develop a program tailored to that dog.


In protection training it is always best to use a helper, unfortunately many people don't have access to good helpers. This course details exactly what a handler can do with his own dog in protection training. It also defines the exact spot in training where the handler must quit the work and go to a helper. So this course answers the question "How much can I do to train my own dog in bite work?"


It's always best to train young dogs by using the old experienced helpers, although that's not always possible. This course is designed to train a new helper on how to work young dogs.





  • Drives and Drive thresholds
  • How nerves effect drive thresholds
  • How to organize a training session
  • Equipment and German Commands for training
  • The role of the Handler in bite work
  • The role of the helper in protection training
  • Setting the Prey Drive in young dogs
  • The first bite on a sleeve
  • Developing a calm firm grip
  • Recognizing and training the COUNTER
  • Contesting the Prey
  • Training the carry
  • Taking PREY away from the dog with the OUT
  • Teach the dog to pursue and target his bite off leash
  • Set up a sample training session using the basic skills we have learned
  • What can be done with dogs that lack prey drive


New helpers and dog trainers who want to work young dogs in bite work.




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