How We Manage Dogs in Our Home

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How to Live With & Manage Your Dogs


Learning to live with dogs is a life long process. I was born in 1947 and have never stopped living and learning how to interact with our house dogs.  Probably the most important thing I have learned is that managing dogs and obedience training dogs are two distinctly different skills.


The reason we chose to produce this course was because of the many emails we get concerning behavioral problems. The problems people have are almost all a result of the mistakes made in how people live with their dogs.


The average person buying or adopting a dog thinks that taking the dog to a 6 or 8 week obedience class is going to teach that dog to be a calm, friendly, submissive member of their family.  Unfortunately that is just not the case. The fact is most dogs that go to obedience classes leave those classes with the same behavioral problems they had when they started. 


In this course you will learn how Cindy and I bring totally untrained dogs into our home and through proper management, the dogs learn how we expect them to act in our home. We don't need to do this thru corrections, we simply control their freedom and teach them that freedom is earned .


We live with five house dogs: two Belgian Malinois, a Border Terrier, an Australian Cattle Dog, and a Shih Tzu. Two of these dogs can never be  off leash and loose with our small dogs yet we have a very safe happy household. 


 If you have a new dog or a dog with behavioral problems, you are going to benefit from the information we share. This is not the only training you will need for your dog, but it will get you started on the right foot, and its never too late to restart.  We will teach you how to get and maintain control of your dog (or dogs). We will also point you in the right direction to further your education, because you have more to learn than your dog.


Students walk away from this course with a road map to accomplish the same things Cindy and I take for granted.

Had our two Malinois or our Australian Cattle dog  gone to inexperienced dog owners they would probably have been returned to the breeder or worse.   Lucky for them, they came to us and have been raised in our program.


2 min 49 sec





Course Content



Module 1  Management in the Home  
  Segment 1 What management means and why it is so important
  Segment 2 Tools of management
  Segment 3 How to use ex-pens at home and work
  Segment 4 Dog crates in our home and work
  Segment 5 Leashes in the home
  Segment 6 Dog beds and baby gaits in the home
  Segment 7  Managing dog kennels and dog yards
  Segment 8 Managing dog and house guests
  Segment 9  Working dogs Vs family companions
  Segment 10 The only easy day was yestyerday
  Segment 11  Our feeding ritual
  Segment 12 Dogs are creatures of Routine
Module 2 Managing Dogs on Walks  
  Segment 1 what walks are a daily part of our management
  Segment 2 Meeting people or bikes
  Segment 3 Meeting on-leash walks
  Segment 4 Meeting off-leash dogs
  Segment 5 Dog parks & ff leash walks
Module 3 Brining Your New Dog Home  
  Segment 1 Adding a puppy to a home with an adult dog
  Segment 2 Managing multiple adult dogs in the home
  Segment 3 My significant other has 2 dogs - I have never owned a dog
Module 4 Managing dogs and cats  
  Segment 1 Adding a puppy to a home with cats
Module 5 Managing dogs, kids and dog toys  
  Segment 1 Dogs an babies
  Segment 2 Dogs and children
  Segment 3 Managing your dog toys
Module 6 Vehicles and Vet visits  
  Segment 1 Managing dogs in our vehicles
  Segment 2 Managing Your dog at the vet
Module 7 Ask Cindy  
  Segment 1 Customer emails
Module 8    
  Segment 1  Reward Based training
  Segment 2  Training a new puppy
  Segment 3 I want to train my new Service dog
  Segment 4 Competition Obedience
  Segment 5 Biting dog sports
  Segment 6 S&R / Police K9 Training
  Segment 7 Nosework
  Segment 8 I want to be a professional dog trainer
  Segment 9 Certificate of completion


We feel that once you have seen the quality of information in our course and how easy it is to  go back and review material you will want to take other courses.




Ed Frawley's Philosophy on Dog Training

It's important that dog trainers have confidence in the instructor they chose to listen to. This is why I am including a short video detailing my philosophy of dog training. 


7 min 48 sec




A Short Bio on Ed Frawley

At the bottom of this web page you can watch or read about my philosophy on dog training. I recommend you take a minute and watch. I say that because it is important the new dog owners respect the source of information they get to help their live with and train their dog.


I have owned dogs' my entire life. For the past 50 years training dogs has been my passion. I have been very lucky to have turned my passion into a career.


For more than 30 of those 50 years I bred working bloodline German Shepherds. We had a state of the art breeding facility with dedicated whelping rooms, inside/outside dog runs. We had nine 40 'x 60' dog yards which were separated by 20 foot lanes filled with pine trees. We also had 8 puppy yards that were designed exclusively to managing puppies during and after they were weaned.


The biggest thing I learned over the past 50 years is how to live with and manage my dogs and that's exactly what this course is about. We will show you how Cindy and I live with and manage our house dogs.


I am sure there are those who do things a little differently which is fine. What we do works for us and is based on our experience.  


We hope you can take a few ideas away from this course that will help you manage and live with your dog or dogs.


New pet owners, or those who want to learn how to efficiently manage a household with one or more dogs.





"Great course from a Great source and knowledgeable man Ed Frawley"

- david selfany on 10/27/2015

"This course covers a broad range of topics as they apply to managing dogs in the home. If you don't think this is interesting topic, you'd be surprised … especially after you start seeing results. Anyone who has a dog; or is considering getting one; owes it to themselves, their family, and their dog, by taking this course. Set yourself (and the dog) up for success by learning the techniques necessary to build a trusting relationship and how to avoid common mistakes. The knowledge you take away just might make all the difference in your sanity (as it did for me) and the success of your relationship moving forward. Great stuff!"

- Robert Y. on 12/07/2015

"This is a great course! I learned a lot of things! I learned how to break up dog fights, what to do with distractions on a walk, the importance of management, introducing a cat and dog, and more! I enjoyed how there were videos to watch and not just stuff to read. I liked how this course covered a lot of topics and was easy to understand! I recommend you take this course!"

- Pearl W on 03/22/2016

"What a GEM..... This was a wonderful course -- packed full of great information. Love the great videos with puppies and lovely examples. Easy to follow, well explained.. the course fee was okay to... This was a real treat. I am a dogtrainer and have had GSD's for 29 years now - but there is always stuff to learn or as a reminder if you are a bit rusty. So i would say this could fit several levels - not just for beginners.. I would highly recomend this course. Why did i give 4 and not 5 stars then? The title.. After a certain man on tv alpharolled dogs all over US and spread it across the globe called it all his pack - he killed the word. Also the debunking of the pack theory - done by the man who created it all - has also contributed it. I am schocked that i am still the only one who have purch. the course here.. But again - it was by sheere luck.The only reason i decided to try it was the intro videos. Sadly - a lot of people here just reads the title and that's it. I also do that most of the time. I am actually not sure yet if i dare to list it on my "monthly update" for seminars, courses, competitions. etc.. because i know i will get reaction - i am not kidding - just see how Youtube, FB, twitter works. etc.. One wrong word and they are out for blood... I am only being i said : it is a GEM and i LOVED every sec of it ! :) Thank you"

- Ann-kristin Normann on 01/28/2018



Training a dog and training a human are two different skill sets.


The reason for this is simple. Dogs do not learn like humans learn. Dogs are visual learners. From the time they are puppies they learn to read their owners body language, even though they don't understand a word their owner are saying.


Just because a person can train a dog to do very complex behaviors does not mean that same person can teach another human how to train a dog to do the same complex behaviors.


 This course allows new dog trainers the ability to learn from a professional dog trainer (Ed Frawley) who has spent his entire career (sine 1982) teaching people how to train their dog.  


The advantage of Eds' online course is it has over hours of video that are organized is a very logical order. You can review the outline below in the course description.

Students can move through the course at their own speed. If they want to quickly skim through the content they can, if they want to spend a week on each module they can, but they always have the options to come back and quickly review the course content.The structure of Leerburgs' online courses allows this.


This is one of the reasons Ed constantly tells potential students that the online course is far better than taking a local obedience course in which students come for a one hour class once a week. They listen to a lecture, work their dog for 10 minutes, go home and then can only remember about 40% of what the instructor said.