Feedback for Basic Dog Obedience

From what I learned in this course was the power of using food. My dog (Stark) became excited to go in his crate and was excited to start training. The step by step training in this class was clear and was easy to understand. The first two modules were amazing and helped the most to better understand my dog. I also better understand how to correct my dog unwanted behavior. I did notice on some module test i would click the right answer but one I submitted it the answers would change. Other then that the class was amazing and can't wait to take more class.

- James on 11/04/2016

I have learned so much from your online classes! I thought I was going to prepare for a new was I in denial! I learned that my pack of little darlings were disrespectful , rude and out of control. Luckily the breeder I am working with to purchase an American Bulldog from understood I may have to wait until next year's breeding to get my pack under control. He felt the additional training would help us select a better match. Again, thank you to you and your wife.

- Joy Hutsenpiller on 03/22/2016

I thought this course was excellent. I am hoping for more to come. I don’t know what to tell you on how to improve but I can say videos are the easiest way for me to learn so I appreciated all of them. And I did practice on my dog after watching some of them. Thank you again I Loved the course and am hoping for more. Thank you very much for the opportunity to take this and to learn from your knowledge.

- Shantelle

I purchased your basic obedience course several months ago and it was one of the best 100 dollars I've ever spent. I completed the course several weeks before bringing my 8 week old GSD home. I now have a 6 month old "best friend" who is house trained, on and off leash trained, and has no food or people aggression. Thank you so much for all the help and guidance.

- Ashley W.

This course was AMAZING! I learned so much and am so impressed with you and your philosophy and method and style of teaching and training dogs. I will continue to take your on-line classes because even with all I have learned in this course I realize I have only touched the tip of the ice burg. I find it incredibly satisfying to use the methods and techniques and see almost instant results from the dog as long as I'm consistent. That is a biggy.

I finished the course in 4 or 5 days because I really was in a panic about what to do and had spent way too long trying to find out and finally found you by typing in the question "can you train a GSD not to be aggressive" or something in that vein, and you popped up. I was beyond all hope and you and your course on "Dominant Aggressive Dogs" introduced me to you and your world. You were my last ditch effort and I feel ecstatic to have found someone who is knowledgeable enough to have the RIGHT answers. I cannot believe the ignorance out there about the real job of training your puppy and dog. It is beyond frustrating. I also see now that the dog owner has to be willing to do the work. And work it is. But so rewarding. You can hire dog trainers all day long but if you are not willing to do what is downright demanded of you as the handler you can forget about it. Yes, you might get lucky and have that little docile dog or one that acts out and every one laughs about but it is never funny to anyone when that dog weighs 80 pounds and upwards.

I appreciate the course being left up on the site to go back to and refresh but wish it could stay up longer. Only because it takes time to learn, memorize, implement over and over for it to become second nature to me as well as my dog. Believe me, I will return over and over to the course to refresh after mastering each aspect of each segment.

Thank you so much Ed. I have already told a multitude of people about you and have convinced my three younger sisters to take your course. Since finding you I have put you on blast. People are starting to run from me because all I want to talk about is what you have taught me about a dog many were very worried about and has done an about face and is like a miracle before their eyes. Rigby and I still have our hurdles because he is afraid of people but at least you have given me a wonderful foundation and understanding on how to begin to deal with this.

From the moment I finished the written material and tests I shut off the computer and went into training mode with my dog. That has only been a few days but it has been a focused ordeal with lots of time invested. I love the time we spend together learning and he is very happy about it. He really has come a good ways in a short amount of time with all the training he is getting right now. In all my excitement about getting to the actual training after reestablishing pac structure I completely missed the Essay question and the feedback.

- Brenda B.

Wow! For weeks I have been in such a conundrum about my 90 pound, 9 month old, GSD that became BOSS of my world out of my sheer ignorance of EVERYTHING about dogs. But today I am excited for the first time in months. I bought this course out of desperation and fear of the monster that was growing in my house and what to do next. He has had 7 months to take over me and my home and I didn't even realize what was happening.

Today, after completing the first week in a couple of days, I have hope I can keep and my manage this dog I have so come to love. Let me rephrase that; I KNOW I CAN manage and keep my German Shepherd after week one with Ed. Thank you Ed Frawley for your love and knowledge of dogs and sharing it with us! I very much look forward to the remainder of the course.

- Brenda B.

I'm a big fan of learning anything I can from anyone I can about dogs...especially working dogs. I was hesitant to buy this course because of the word "Basic" in the title. Boy was I wrong. There's something in this course for everyone no matter how well versed you are in training dogs.

Take for instance Chapter 10 of the Week 1 Segment 6 video titled "Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet". On first glance I thought this was going to be very basic in nature. That is until I got to Chapter 10.

Watching the two dogs interact with each other while setting their pack order was priceless. Thank you Ed for sharing your keen experience. Without your narration, I would have missed a lot of learning during this 17 minute segment.

- Joey L.

I have gone through your basic dog obedience course, The Power Playing Tug with Your Dog and many of your online free videos/Articles. I could have never gotten this much useful information from any other source. I would like to thank you very much!

- Tim A.

Thank you for this course! It is great to 'get back in the saddle' again and actively start training my new adult dog. Even my other older dog loves to be involved in training again! Love the approach to marker training as it has been key to engaging and bringing out positive interaction with a hard to engage dog. He coming out by leaps and bounds and am now looking forward to the Engagement course which I have signed up for. Love the online courses! Keep up the good work and Thank You!

- Maggie, Rocco, & Rusky

This is a great course! I had started a local obedience course with my 5 month old high-drive Doberman, thinking that the socialization would be good for him. However, the instructor was 90% punishment based - which did not seem to work for this puppy. I began your course concurrently and saw massive engagement in the very first training session! I quickly realized that the other 'in-person' program was negative training for Drago, so I dropped out (it was better to lose the money, than to lose the engagement of my dog!).

Though I have trained many dogs in the past, and also train horses and falcons, the Leerburg program has already given me many new tools and perspectives. I appreciate the balanced training approach and will continue on with other courses.

- Crista & Drago

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