Feedback for Basic Dog Obedience

I am loving the Leerburg online course. Last year, I purchased the Basic Obedience DVD's that Ed uses in the first course and studied them to the best of my ability but having him break them into short segments and explain exactly what is happening is awesome. I have gotten more out of my GSD in the last two weeks than I have in the last 18 months. I can't wait to take the next course he offers.

- Connie

Ed, I have more of a statement to say then a question. I have a 2 1/2 yr old German Shepherd and a 14 week old one. With the oldest one I did what you said many people do. I took her to obedience classes to try and fix the management and pack structure problems in her that were created because I did not understand. My husband was working out of state and it was just she and I most of the time. Lets just say she had me trained well. What I want to say here is that I purchased several of the DVDs you have produced and watched them over and over. You teach with such clarity that it makes a novice like me able to really understand. It is so exciting to see our new puppy growning up with us implementing what we have learned from you. He was crate trained within 2 days. He gives me such quick and intent eye contact it is almost startling. I have finished the first week of this class and am really looking forward to what I will be learning in the coming weeks. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us at such a reasonable price.

- Susan

This course has altered my approach to dog training. I have been a fan of the website and purchased videos in the past but knew when this course was available I had to take it. The most important aspect of balanced dog training I have learned is the power of engagement. Watching the dog stare intent at me wanting to learn as opposed to correcting to get engagement has fundamentally changed the way I approach dog training. By using engagement to impart the commands and work for effort from the dog has diminished the amount of corrections given. This obviously has an impact on the relationship between me and my dogs as well. I have attended courses and researched training methodology from a variety of sources and this is the one that stuck out as "common sense". The methodology and way this type of balanced training is built explains so many questions and also provides an approach where you are not always relying on the leash and collar to training the dog!

- John

All in all, it was a great course. I'd love to be the one with feedback to improve the course but I don't know enough or have the visionary expertise to deliver direction. The more Leerburg expands on the online university, the better off everyone will be.

- Aaron

I really enjoyed this course! I learned so much and proofed the things I already knew. There were things that really made me think and truly understand why you teach them the way you do. I am a truly motivational trainer but I like your balanced approach. It showed me the whole picture. My dogs love to train, they think it is a great game. We work every day. Please thank Cindy for me, she responded to my email and I now have the Border Terrier Puppy I have been wanting for twenty years! So this course came at a very good time. I have already ordered the book by Pamela Reid. This course cemented my thoughts that you don't just take an obedience class with your dog and stop, training is forever, every day, and if done properly, you and your dog will be having a blast and form a wonderful bond that lasts for all the time you are blessed with.

- Carol

The most valuable discovery to me in both the online course and the practice that I've been doing with my dog is the overwhelming power of engagement. When my dog wants what I have and wants to be with me then he is so excited to learn and can learn anything I feel. It becomes as rewarding to me as it is with him. I am someone who is a very analytical thinker and I love philosophy. My favorite thing about the structure of this course is the weight given to truly explain the "why" and not just the "how". I respect balance in all things in life and the approach to this system seems quite logical and very fair. I enjoy the "old school" approach that is very conversational in the teaching style. It is obvious the training is built off of many years of experience. Thank you for making this available.

- David

I have a few of your DVD's. I did pick up a couple things in the course that I already knew but wasn't practicing. I really appreciate all the work you are doing here to educate dog owners like myself. We show dogs in the comformation ring but I have been training lots of these dogs in agility and rally o. Leerburg expretise is refreshing.

- Jim

This course and leerburg dvd's I have watched has helped me a lot. My dog was supposed to have its fundamentals in place when I got him. He knew sit and that's about it. The breader believed in dominance training only. The hardest part I have had with him is the pack leader. I had to start all over from the beginning. This course has helped me realize that it's me that needed the help not the dog. When to treat when not to treat and most of all how much fun it is to watch my dog respond. Learn and grow. It has made the bond with riddick and me very close. My family and I thank you guys for this class and all your help.

- James

Thank you for all of the work you put into this course. I wish I would've known all of this information before we adopted our dog (2 years ago). I've caught "the bug" and am going to continue to learn all that I can. I've purchased your DVD on dogs with horses and look forward to purchasing many many more.

I really enjoyed how you built the course up by starting with the foundation and building a pack and then worked on. You also kept it basic - which should be understood before trying advanced work.

The only thing I would've like to have seen was more discussion among individuals at the end of each week. It's always interesting to hear what others have to say and what problems they are facing. You may find out you have a problem that you weren't even aware about yet.

- Kayla

The most important facet that I learned from this class is to know my dog. Know his limitations, know what corrections work most effectively with him, and that every dog is different. It is most important to give a correction to a dog the moment it happens not later because they have no idea what they did as time goes on. They all learn in different ways and with different types of training methods.

Through this course, I was able to evaluate my 2 year old German Shepherd and determine that he is a dog with high ball drive and through the class was able to increase his food drive with a high quaity food. Even though he was a pretty well trained dog, there were several areas that needed work.

Through the criterior of lures and look it help me have him more focused on me than what was going on around him. We have also been working on marker training because he likes to greet everyone that comes in and have now established where he is to go with visitors. There are so many things that help through out this course to mention. Each segment of each week has brought either a refresher or different aspect to training for me.

Thank you for the course and I look forward to doing more in the future.

- Laura

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