Feedback for Basic Dog Obedience

Great course! I plan on getting my first german shepherd puppy in the upcoming weeks and really think this training course has given me a great starting point. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and life long work!

- Chris P.

The information in this course was easy to understand and gave me all the tools necessary to teach my dog all the basic commands. The segments on pack structure were especially helpful in understanding how the dog thinks and reacts to his surroundings. I am looking forward to future courses. Thank you so much for your efforts in producing such top quality videos. Please keep them coming.

- Janet S.

I was struggling with finding a training system that I was comfortable with. 100% motivational just got me so far. So I guess the most important thing I learned from here is when in training is it appropriate to use corrections, and the importance of engagement.

I am very pleased with having taken this course, and I hope you guys keep making more awesome courses like this one. Ed does a great job explaining everything, it's also great to have someone with so much experience explain things.

- Giovanni

This was a good foundational course. It covered many interesting topics. I enjoyed learning about how pack animals respond to the alpha. I thought it was a very balanced course that while emphasizing reward based training, still covered other aspects of training. How to handle food, timing of giving food, engagement, and using these training tools to begin to teach your dog basic obedience-like look, touch, sit down- was well taught and covered. Overall it was a thorough introductory course, that I enjoyed very much.

- Stuart

As I look back over the course materials it gives me great hope that I can be a better owner for my dogs. I realize that it is more of training myself than the dog. If I do the fundamentals correctly my dog will learn quickly and feel like he is making me happy.

My dog is in puppy level two obedience training, I wish that we had known about the Look and Hand Touch, I think this would have helped him tremendously.

I am so glad that you mention on your website about not raising two puppies at once. I found it very interesting that dogs do not need other dogs to play with.

I will definitely be implementing the "place" command with my pup. We have actually started that with his trainer. I am also very lucky to have the trainer we have as many, many things she has taught us you also use and recommend.

In week 4 the last three questions on the test are not plain in the material. I felt the questions were maybe worded different. Or just not plain to me. Again it could be just me. I feel a controlled environment would be a fenced in environment which is mentioned in the videos.

Overall I am very pleased. I have bought many things from your website and will continue to do so. I think your information is great. I think your love for allllll breeds is great and you and your employees/facility are doing a great job.

- William

The most valuable discovery to me in both the online course and the practice that I've been doing with my dog is the overwhelming power of engagement. When my dog wants what I have and wants to be with me then he is so excited to learn and can learn anything I feel. It becomes as rewarding to me as it is with him. I am someone who is a very analytical thinker and I love philosophy. My favorite thing about the structure of this course is the weight given to truly explain the "why" and not just the "how". I respect balance in all things in life and the approach to this system seems quite logical and very fair. I enjoy the "old school" approach that is very conversational in the teaching style. It is obvious the training is built off of many years of experience. Thank you for making this available.

- Cathy

The question is where do I start? This course has been great in so many ways. One of the most important aspects of balanced dog training that I have learnt from this course that applies in my own situation is that I need to be consistent with the correction. It is so easy to one time, make them mind and the next time let something slide. I have 3 dogs (2 German Shepherds and one rescue dog.) I have learnt that management is a huge part of being a responsible dog owner. I have learnt how to determine if the dog really knows the command 110% and I have learnt that without realizing what I was doing I am good at seeing the temperament of a dog.

I really like the way this was put together. Seeing the videos is almost as good as being there. I found myself talking to you and Cindy. In the video where you were teaching impulse control with your dog I laughed out loud at her. She was so quick at figuring out what was wanted of her. Very smart dog. Ed, I think you were meant to teach. You teach in a way the makes it very easy to understand.

One of the most helpful and important parts of this course is that it has given me the knowledge to be able to ask the right questions of any prospective trainers I might get involved with. Had this course been offered a year ago it would have kept my oldest shepherd and I out of the bad experience we encountered with a local kennel club. We had no business being in the class because we did not have strong engagement and the instructor was inexperienced and lacked the knowledge she should have had to be teaching the class in the first place.

I have taken several courses and gotten bits and pieces out of them but your course has made it all come together for me. It has given me the confidence that I am capable of teaching my own dogs the basics. I am so looking forward to taking other courses that you are going to be offering. As someone else said through this course I have come to feel as if I know you and Cindy and I thank all of you for the opportunity to take this course.

- Susan

What a great question in regards to where I'm at in my dog handler relationship journey. This course has offered me the understanding that there is a balanced approach, not one or the other. If the dog understands 100% and fails to do the exercise there are times when you need corrections, and that it can be as simple as witholding a reward. It’s so simple, the correction has to fit the crime so to speak.

I've had more "aha" moments then could be effectively written in a short essay. In fact I've had a good laugh at myself. I've a lot to learn, but the one thing that sticks out in the many excellent lessons is "engagement!" I really appreciate that. It’s like giving permission for you and your dog to go out and have fun. After all what's in it for him? I really appreciate that.

Thank you for a great course! Loved It!!

- Nadine

What is the most important aspect of balanced dog training have I learned? There are so many answers to that question that I’m not sure where to begin. I have learned that my husband and I have done many things incorrectly. I have learned that I want the relationship with our dogs that you have with yours. I am a newbie to the world of dog training. I learned some things from my father training his dog for field trials. I’ve learned a few useful things taking obedience classes locally. But, wow, this class has been so much more informative. Your presentations are so clear and understandable. There is no confusion in the teaching at all.

I have a 115 pound, 17 month old Rottie. He won his conformation championship at 10 months. He is stunning and as sweet an animal as I have ever owned. He is my husband’s dog in every sense of the word. With the help of your class, I have been able to make him pay attention to me with the basics of marker training. We have used treats but not in this way. He has the basics (sit, down, heel, wait) most of the time. Your class has given me the information I needed to fine tune his behaviors.

I am not trying to take Titus from his dad; I needed to learn how to get the same focus so that he minds what I say as well as my husband’s commands. I plan to go forward into Rally and Obedience classes this spring. Having taken your class, I am going forward with confidence that I can accomplish what I want with this dog and other dogs that bless our lives.

I do have to disagree, somewhat, with you on your ideas of socializing your dogs. I understand your concept completely and see how important the behaviors you mold are for the safety of the dog. My exception is with not allowing any engagement with other people or dogs. As the owner of a Rottweiler, I feel that I have responsibility to show others that this is not a vicious breed and the only way I can do that is to allow people, with my permission, to pet and talk to Titus as he sits nicely. I will begin to teach your style and incorporate the two into a workable model for us.

I watched hand and arm movements very closely and listened to how words and tones were used in each video. Those things are one of the things that I need to work on daily. Consistency is one thing that we have lacked in training, but now I know how crucial it is to successful dog training.

Recall and heeling are nowhere near where they need to be. I have purchased the first of your e-collar video and will purchase the second soon. I have never seen e-collar used in this way. I’ve just seen folks “light the dog up”. It means a lot to me to be able to use this training tool in a manner as to not hurt Titus.

I am anxiously waiting for the next class from Leerburg. I have used your articles and streaming videos for advice and other perspective on training topics. I’ve also referred several people to your site. Thank you for this most enjoyable course. There will be no second essay as I can really not think of anything to change. I will stay connected and watch for other opportunities to learn from you all.

- Martha

Wow, I don't know where to start with all I have learned. This has been a great course and I am looking forward to taking the other classes that you will offer. I guess the thing that blows me away is the timing of the delivery of the reward. Being new to dog training I would have never thought that a few seconds could make that much difference. Thanks for helping me get off to a good start.

- Mack

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