Feedback for Basic Dog Obedience

I am very glad that I took this course! Despite previous contact with several instructors who used marker training, the explanation from this course was the most complete and valuable ever. Thank You! Ed Frawley's sincere regard for dogs and his sincere desire to be a great teacher is evident throughout the course. I also appreciate having the two videos included in the course (pack behavior and using food rewards). Yes, some of it was redundant, but there is so much valuable information that it was worth powering through it. The most valuable part for me was learning about engagement. I spent once a week all last summer with a Schutzhund trainer teaching my dog controlled healing without ever having my dog really engaged with me... an extreme waste of everyone's energy and definitely not fair to the dog. What a difference with my new 8 month old GSD now that I have her engaged with me. We are breezing through the exercises in your course and have moved on to The Power of Playing Tug (and having so much fun).

You could make the course better if you would review the test questions and answers. I think I have a clear understanding of the course material, yet I agonized over several of the questions/answers - an example would be the question where the correct answer was "touch" but not clear (at least to me) from the question if you meant hand touch or touch pad.

Also, a very clear, detailed picture was given in the beginning of the course of the active vs. reactive dog resulting from training methods. However, in Week 5 this became way too muddled when talking about corrections. Thank you again for an overall great course!

- Anne

I have learned so much about Pack structure, I have owned "good" dogs all my adult life. They were easy learners and offered little training challenges, plus they were natural pack members. I somehow manuevered myself into a situation of pack leader, but I have learned a more direct method from your class. I wish I had follwed your program when we first adopted our Stella two years ago. Our new girl is a definte challenge! She would have adjusted much more quickly to us and our environment if she could have done so from the safety of her crate. She came with a lot of inappropriate behaviors due to her fears of people and situations. She is a "hard" dog who is also extremely energetic.

Although, I had a little knowlege of clicker training, your DVD has helped me so much to refine my technique and make it work for Stella. She is an eager learning, but I wasn't delivering the message. I can see all kind of possibilities for her as we now share a common language. Ready, Yes, No, good and done!!!! Five simple words! Motivation and drive techniques were appreciated too. My timing and hand positions are areas that still need further refinement, but I know what to do now!!

Carefully, I followed your instructions on using a prong collar, especially helpful to someone who was not familiar with how to use it. Now, I know how to correct, by stopping, and rewarding her when she looks back at me. I never pull her leash, but use verbal commands to change direction. I want you to know she is so much better. As a rescue, she had an large audience--her former foster was absolutely amazed at her progress when she walked back to her doggy play group a week ago. She remarked to everyone, Stella is a different dog!!!! So, thank you so much!!!!

My self confidence is so much more, because I feel I have learned so much. I know what direction to take, and can offer solutions to a problem. Thank you for offering this class. And once again, thank you for helping so many dogs avoid the tragedy of being put down and surrendered, you are performing a great service.

- Sharon

I am a manager and certified counselor at a doggy day care and boarding facility. I can't thank you enough for the useful information contained in your course. I have been wanting to expand into training for a better understanding of dogs. The most important aspect of balanced dog training that I learned was how to be more in control of the environment and distractions in your dog's environment. Also this course has made me understand the extent of the communication barrier between humans and dogs. I loved the videos on clicker training your friend. It really opened my eyes and made me feel foolish for getting upset when telling a dog a command and expecting him to understand. After taking your course I applied the simple techniques to see if I could train a friend's dog. I couldn't believe the results I achieved using this course. It works! Thanks again Leerburg.

- Hana

Thank you so much for this course! I have learned so much and proofed what I already knew. I work my dogs every day in engagement games and so they are always Ready! I want them to have fun while they are learning and this course really made that point for me. Dog training is not just an obedience class you take for 6 weeks and then expect the dog to get it, so many people don't get that. I trained my 2 year old GSD as my service dog and she is a working dog with tons of energy so we are constantly playing ball or working obedience. She loves it all. Thank you, Cindy for responding to my email question about Border Terriers because I now have the puppy I have wanted for twenty years and I have been training him along with this course! Wonderful material! Thanks for everything!

- Kathy

In my opinion the most important aspect of balanced dog training is forming a bond with your dog though Marker Training and once you have got that when all the training learned from this course will fall into place and the bond will become even stronger through trust and direction while working with your dog. Sure you can train a dog without a bond but it is a fear based training then it isn’t trained out of trust and devotion. I want my dog to want to work not only for me but with me. And you must make it enjoyable for your dog because that makes it happen. Dogs want to please. I have been done with this course for almost a week now and have found the tests to be much easier than the essay. I can’t seem to find how to put into words what I feel I have learned from this class.

I can say back in my earlier years I was a crank and yank trainer of my dogs and I find the Marker method to be so much more effective and a much quicker achievement of the asking task you are training your dog to do. This course has helped me to lay out the foundation for my own training schedule and steps of not only to train my dogs but to help others to train theirs. And when you say you hope those who watch this get the bug for more well I have the bug and am hoping there are more courses for me to take so I can continue to learn as much as I can.

I feel I learn everyday either by trial and error or from other dog people and I find knowledge as power and I want as much knowledge on dog training as I can get. A person does not realize how much engagement is the utmost important thing to get and once you have worked with it you realize how much harder it is to work without it. I strive to get engagement with my dogs before the session begins ALWAYS and if I can’t get it I learned to wait until later when I have it. It works so much better when the engagement is there.

I know I need to work on the actions of my motions since during this course you said physical outweigh verbal. And oh how true that is now that I pay attention to it, which makes 100% sense when you think about it. I did do the trick of turning my back on my dog and telling her to sit and realized she didn't understand right away. We since worked on that and now does it whether I am facing her or I have my back to her. Thank you for that tip. I will never forget the ones I got wrong in the test they will be forever remembered. I learn kind of the same way. I don’t want to be wrong I want the reward so I will always remember that the size of the treat matters need to be small and easy to eat so they can get back to training and management is what you do first to try and stop your dog from pulling and not every dog will need a correction.

I hope after taking this course and am confident it will give me the ability to be the best not only dog trainer but dog owner for my own dog and for other dogs. Thank you so much for this course and am looking forward to more. Again Thank you for sharing your Knowledge I am always wanting to learn when it has to do with dogs and training. I truly enjoyed the course hope there are more to come.

- Shantelle

Your online course is amazing, I didn't realize I'd learn so much every week! I love the philosophy and training skills I'm learning! Who knew at 47 I could learn so much!

- Cathy

Leerburg has a good course here. I have only been training dogs on my own now for 3 years, and this course [Basic Dog Obedience] is very informative. I hope Leerburg continues with this online course training. I take classes as my work schedule permits, and taking this in the evenings after work was perfect.

- Tim

I must say this is an AWESOME course!! I have a few DVD's already and when I saw this course I knew I had to take it. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I am always trying to learn as much as I can. I have to say that the video of Stella on Impulse Control made me laugh so hard. I had to pause the video due to laughter. The scooting back was hilarious. Thank you again. I just wanted you to know that was awesome and thank you also for this opportunity.

- Shantelle

Let me first slather you with praise and tell you how much I am enjoying this course. There is nothing as good as watching these videos for practical understanding. I've had my dog for less than 6 months and at this point I have confused the heck out of her between youtube videos, local classes, books. She needs structure. I need structure. She needs training. I need training. But I love it. LOVE it. I will definitely enroll in your next course.

Thanks for your time. Like so many others, I really appreciate your website, your courses, your sharing of experience.

- Marla

Hi Ed, I've almost come to the end of my course and I can't praise you enough. Apart from the information been spot on, but the way you broke down steps into tiny pieces and put them all together again was outstanding. I have learnt so much from you. I think you are excellent and after spending time everyday with you I feel like I know you. I could go on and on.

I have recommended the course to a number of my friends that want to learn.

Thank you so much for your excellence and time you put into the course making it what it is.

- Brendan

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