Intermediate Dog Obedience

Skill Level: Intermediate

Length: 12 Modules

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 An Overview of Intermediate Dog Obedience

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This course is the next step or level for trainers who have taken our Basic Dog Obedience course.

In Basic Obedience we covered the foundation for our reward based training system. Now in our Intermediate course you will now learn how to use those skills to train a number of important and useful behaviors that will be used in daily life.




Course Outline

Module 1 Training the LOOK command    
  Impulse Control - Competing Motivators    
Module 2

Advanced Luring


Advanced Luring - Why it's Important

Module 3 Training the Hand Touch    
  The Hand Touch - A Fun Exercise    
Module 4 Training the Collar Grab and Why it's So Useful    
Module 5 Training the Place Command    
  Training the Place    
Module 6 Training Touch Pads - Make it a Game    
  Touch Pads    
Module 7 Training the Raised Dog Beds    
  Training the Dog Bed Command    
Module 8 Training the Stand    
Module 9 Public Access Walking Drills    
  Greeting Other People and Dogs    
Module 10  Contact Heeling    
Module 11 Recall Drills & Exercises    
  Review Rules of Recall    
  Competing Motivators - How We Use Them with the Recall    
Module 12  Where to Go From Here    


Trainers with a solid understanding of fundamental dog training concepts who are looking to take their training to the next level.




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