Segment 2

Convenience Training


Restaurant Talk with Sif

Once your obedience is solid, you can start really enjoying your dogs company wherever you go. I look at OB as a means to an end. It should be a way to influence the future behaviors.

This makes it very easy to bring your dog along for the ride!


Using a carrier on bike

Once your dog is comfortable in a carrier, it’s easy to start bringing them with you wherever you go. So get them accustomed to it, and then hit the road!


Kayaking with a Dog;  why commands are important

When you’re going to take your dog onto the water, the first thing you should do is put their life vest on them. This is not a size or breed specific piece of advice. Any and all dogs can drown, protect them.

The next thing I advise, is a solid recall. this can help direct your dog back to the boat if they eject themselves.

I also lean on a solid down or place command as well. This can help keep your dog in the safest part of the boat.


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