Module 3

Reward Placement

Monday, January 18th — Sunday, January 31st


1 minute


Understanding the power of Reward Placement not only has a profound effect on our heeling work and precision obedience training program, but can greatly shape us as developing trainers, too. It may seem like a simple concept, and in reality it is, but it's a concept that can be fundamental to building and rehabilitating detailed pieces of precision training.


Much of the effectiveness of Reward Placement is the creativity and diversity it allows in our training. The options available to us as we begin to explore how and why it works become endless. Through its understanding we find the ability to affect expectations and attribute value in our obedience based on our dog's specific needs. No dog is outside the benefits of understanding the economics of this skill. 


Within this week we will explore specific deliveries and presentations for reward placement from heel position, and discuss which deliveries are best suited for specific energy and motivation types and why they work. Following this week's material, you will leave with an understanding of which reward placement best suits your individual dog moving forward and how to best use it to aid the learning of your desired heeling picture and relationship.



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