Feedback for Obedience Training for the Small Dog

Leerburg courses are so helpful with all the video content! It was great to see someone training a small dog basically the same as a larger dog. Having just acquired a smaller dog than I've had in years, it was helpful to see ways to train and integrate her into our everyday lives more. I do feel like the exercises will lay the foundation for training her to a higher level.

- Carolyn on 10/17/2016

I have to say that I was expecting something differet from the course, and amazingly enough, even though I got something completely different, I enjoyed a lot and realized how much learning in engagement I needed.
It's not about just giving a treat and making associations, but making it fun and enjoyable for the dog to be willing to do whatever task needed.
'Place' command training was also a big improvement in my training as it helped many of my clients to deal with their dog anxieties.
Thank u so much for the great time.

- Yoo Mi Kwon on 10/17/2016

Love this course. Very broad array of topics. I loved that he worked with several dogs with several different types of "issues" (shyness, inexperience due to age, hyperactivity, etc) in addition to his very well trained girl Sif (who is a DARLING, by the way, if Josh reads these, I love your dog, Josh!) She actually inspired me the most out of the whole thing because seeing her being treated "like a big dog" but being so calm, well behaved, loving it, wagging her tail, and everything really motivated me to think that I could do the same things with my own two dogs and get similar results. Just proves that you don't have to coddle them to keep small dogs happy!

- Kristy Watkins on 06/01/2016

Great course! Josh Moran deftly takes concepts and techniques from more advanced Leerburg offerings and presents them in an unintimidating, casual and fun manner; making them easy to understand and more approachable for the pet owner. For dogs large or small, this course provides the perfect foundation for training obedience. Now, all I need is a kayak :)

- Robert Y. on 12/07/2015

I think this was a great course and an important one as well. I am a big proponent of small dogs and was very pleased to find that Josh Moran and Leerburg feel the same way about the treatment and training of small dogs. Josh is a top-notch trainer and educator and a top-notch guy as well. His communication style is easy and intelligent. He has a great way of expressing ideas and giving instruction, and he's funny to boot. Any small dog owner interested in bringing out the best in their little friend should take the course.

- Jay on 09/22/2015

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