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Marker Training

Reward Based Training


This online course  was released in March 2019. In 2008 Leerburg released a DVD with the same title. I took that video, which is still accurate, and added material to it to produce this course.

Marker training, otherwise known as "Reward Based Training" is simple but it is not easy to do without handler training. Learning to apply the concept of markers will change the way you approach dog training. 


Marker training goes by a number of different names that all mean the same thing. They are:


1- Reward based Training

2- Conditioned Reinforcer

3- Bridge

4- Verbal Marker

5- Moment Marker

6- Marker Training

7- Clicker Training


In laymen's terms, marker training is simply a communication system based on rewards between you and your dog. This system is non-confrontational. It is the perfect training system to rehab a new adult dog that comes into a family, or to start an 8 week old puppy on its training career. 


I have been training dogs for over 55 years. I have seen a number of training methods or systems during my career. I have never seen a system that is as powerful as Marker/reward based training. Our dogs respond quickly and positively to marker training. It works with every breed or age of dog. Bottom line is it is never too late or too soon to move a dog into this system


In the 1990’s I was pretty vocal about how foolish I thought clicker training was. Boy was I wrong. Those comments were made from a position of ignorance and a lack of exposure to clickers. I didn't understand the details of how reward based training worked nor did I understand how powerful it was to change the relationship between myself and my dogs.


Marker training creates a dog that looks forward to our training sessions, not dread training because its worried about making a mistake and getting corrected for something it doesn't understand (which is the old school of dog training that I came from).


In 2003 I went to my first training seminar with Michael Ellis and was introduced me to the concept. It only took one seminar to realize how foolish I had been.  


The concept of markers can be applied to every dog sport at every level of training.  Because it is a purely positive method of training its 100% non-confrontational which is why it can be a tool to work with dominant and aggressive dogs. This system builds or repairs the bond between handler and dog.




We Are Not All-Positive Dog Trainers 


Training dogs with the reward based methods is the best way to train a dog,  but this work must be balanced by introducing corrections into our advanced training.

All-positive dog training only works in sterile environments.To get 100% reliability on recalls under every conceivable distraction requires a dog to go through a correction phase of training. 35 or 40 years ago we used to call this the "PROOFING" stage. That simply meant that the dog needed to learn to comply under distractions. In the proofing stage we gradually increased levels of distractions to a behavior that we 110% knew the dog understood. When it failed to comply it got a correction that fit it's temperament and the situation we put the dog in. The goal being to get a behavior change that resulted in compliance.


Trainers or training companies like Petco or Petsmart that advertise all-positive dog training are a hoax. The best advice I can give is don't buy into their advertising scam - their training doesn't work.







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