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Whether you’re training a family pet, a working dog, or a competitive athlete, a strong relationship between you and your dog is vital for the success of all your formal training activities. If your dog enjoys being with you, wants your rewards and approval, and you’ve got a clear, simple, unambiguous way to communicate, then formal training will be much easier and far more enjoyable for you both.

This course shows you games that develop and strengthen your relationship with your dog. Each incorporates the principles and techniques of reward-based training that we use with our dogs at Leerburg and teach in our DVDs. We think you’ll find that these games are fun for both you and your dog.

Each game starts with the basics and proceeds step by step to become more challenging and engaging for your dog. Anyone from a novice to an experienced pro can benefit from this course.

Each game suggests ways to incorporate what’s taught into more formal training activities. Many establish the groundwork for advanced obedience behaviors. Many have useful real-world applications.  

For example, the Food on the Floor game teaches the beginnings of impulse control and is a great way to start teaching ‘Leave It’. The Restrained Recall is taught as a fun game for the entire family, but it’s also the foundation for teaching ‘Come.’



Additionally, we teach a 'Speak' game.  Many people want to train personal protection dogs. For obvious liability reasons we do not recommend this. Instead we recommend training an alert dog. Through our Speak game you will learn how to train your dog to bark at the door and in turn shut the barking off once you want him or her to stop. We feel this is a much safer and every bit as effective way to train your dog to protect your home.

In fact, every one of these games can be used to introduce more formal, demanding obedience behaviors. Your dog will ‘get the idea’ of a variety of basic behaviors, but  in a way that’s completely non-stressful and non-confrontational. This can only strengthen your relationship with your dog. It’s ‘money in the bank’ as you advance to more demanding, formal training.

If you have the Relationship Games DVD, you have a head start, but there’s still a lot more to learn. There are more games we teach in this online course.



To sum it all up, these games have practical training applications. All are taught in ways that boosts your dog’s engagement with you.  Every game incorporates reward-based training methodology which is the foundation for our balanced training techniques.

This translates into a dog who wants to be with you, wants what you have, and most importantly wants to learn. Training should be fun for both you and your dog. We strive to make this course  fun and beneficial for the two of you.

This course contains 87 instructional videos.  Not only will you have access to videos posted by the other students in the course, but we have also created a segment each week titled "peer learning". This is where we have posted relevant student videos from previous courses that we felt would benefit new students. The peer learning segment contains several common mistakes as well as videos of students preforming watch exercise flawlessly.





Everyone will benefit, from first-time pet owners to experienced handlers. No dog is too old or too young to start building a relationship with.





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