Module 6

Food On the Floor & Sit Pretty

Monday, March 9th — Sunday, March 15th


  • No tests this week


Our food on the floor game is basically the act of the dog knowing it is not allowed to eat food that has been dropped, or left by the handler.  This game is a wonderful interaction based in motivational methods rather than the traditional compulsive approach.  We here at Leerburg feel that if taught encouraging way,  it is a much more fair approach to teaching this very useful game.

Sit pretty is the act of the dog sitting up on its hauches, on command.  This game is very useful in developing the physical aspects of your dog.  When the dog executes the physical skills necessary to get into and maintain this game, it is working many muscles in its torso that would otherwise be difficult to exercise.  This game can also assist the dog in developing balancing skills.

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