Course Catalog

Free Courses

1 available

Give online dog training a test run with one of our free courses! Students get the benefit of learning great dog training advice while also getting to try out our online training risk free.

New Courses

19 available

Check out our newest courses and our current staff favorites!

Obedience Training

31 available

The very best in obedience training with a wide range of topics covered, including heeling, drive, engagement, and much more!

These courses deal with common dog owner challenges, including housebreaking and managing multiple dogs in the home.

These courses are the foundation for successful obedience work and advanced training.

Puppy Development

11 available

These courses help students develop their puppies by providing them with a strong training foundation. Great for pet owners and professional dog trainers alike.

Leash Handling

4 available

These courses specifically deal with training dogs on leashes, and tackle the unique challenges dog trainers may encounter while using a leash.

Remote Collars

2 available

Remote collars are a useful training tool but they can be a challenge for the novice dog trainer. Learn the proper way to incorporate remote collars into your dog training with our expert trainers.

These courses help students achieve the next level in dog training, and are a great tool to in preparation for obedience contests and training events.

Dog Sports

10 available

Interested in a dog sport? These courses are great introductions to a variety of sports for you and your dog to enjoy together.

These core training courses are essential to help your shelter or rescue dog adjust to its new life. Courses may also include information specific to the unique challenges in training rescues.

Police K-9

6 available

These courses specialize in training tactics for police and military K-9 handlers.

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