In order to receive credit for the course, you will have to complete all required tests in each module. If you start a test but do not submit it, you can return to the page later and pick up where you left off. There are two types of tests: essay and multiple choice. (more...)

Module 1

Building Play Drive
No tests available for this module.

Module 2

Obtaining The "Out" and Applying Control into Play Interaction
Essay for completion of course

1 Question | Required | No Retakes


Hello, everyone

We will have one essay during this course which must be completed in order to obtain a passing certificate.

The essay is in regards to the course itself, the material within, and the overall layout.  Being that we are always trying to improve our courses, we feel this is a very important question to ask our students.

The essay question is as follows:

What are your overall thoughts on the course material, and what have you learned from taking this self study course?

Thanks everyone!