Segment 2

Preliminary Info


This Segment is a little heavy, and is all theory. I want to apologize ahead of time if you find it to be a tedious way to start the course, but I do think that the concepts here are important to understand before we start training.

The first thing I want to do do is give you an overview of my approach to training. This will help to give you a roadmap of where this course is heading, and also help to give you an understanding of how my system differs from some other popular training systems.


Overview of My Training System

26 min 36 sec


Although we will not be addressing the electronic collar in this course, here are some links if you want more information about the tool:

The Electronic collar with Michael Ellis Part 1

The Electronic Collar with Michael Ellis Part 2


Behavior Contingencies 

11 min 57 sec


Operant and Classical Conditioning

 15 min 45 sec