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Carrie has been training dogs professionally from over 10 years to almost 20 years; she currently resides in Pinellas Park, FL with her husband where they operate their pet training business, The Doghouse, LLC, serving the greater St. Petersburg/Tampa area.

It has become her passion to help others incorporate their dogs into their lifestyle, from family pets to service canines. Carrie was around dog training growing up; her father, Bill Silva, was a K9 handler for the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Carrie started her professional dog training career by training dogs for the hearing disabled and is a certified Service Dog Instructor. Carrie has traveled the world perfecting her trade and has become highly respected and renowned.

She now specializes in the successful rehabilitation of aggressive dogs, returning them as great companions and family members.

Carrie has owned an Animal Agency which has trained several dogs appearing in commercials and movies, and is an active competitor and trainer in the dog sports.

Carrie has earned the titles French Ring 2, Mondio Ring 3, and IPO 3 with her Belgium Malinois and qualified for the Mondio Ring World Team with her second Malinois in 2016.                                                                                                                                                           

Dogs to Diapers is the first publication she has shared her expertise from her extensive experience.

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