Feedback for The Heeler's Toolbox I / Beginner

Excellent trainer - dogs & peeps

- Debra Rowe on 04/06/2018

Awesome course! My dog (Rico) and I were struggling with heeling for many years in the obedience ring. After taking this course it all came together and we are back on track. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to sharpen their heeling skills. Forrest is such an inspiration! He makes heeling fun and easy to learn! I liked this course so much that I bought the video too, but much prefer the interactive online course. Thanks again Forrest and Leerburg!

- Tammie on 06/28/2016

I have "only" the self study version of this course, because I wanted to know, if this would be something useful for my dogs. It is. I then enrolled in the interactive one, for I think, I learn more, when I get feedback from the instructor and other students. Unfortunately it was cancelled. I have taken HT 2 and 3 interactive, which were absolutely great too. But this does not hinder me to go regularly back to HT 1. It is so rich of inputs, the exercises are great fun for the dogs and myself, we are regularly repeating them and learning from them. The wholle stuff is so stimulating, that especially the two more active ones of my dogs were driven to invent new exercises. Not just sloppy modifications of the given ones, no they outet forward their own ideas, which surprised me and which I really could use for further fun work.

Because of the incredible richness and the precise and fascinating manner of the description of each exercise, I can recommend it to anyone, who loves dog "training in general. Not only for people, who intend to go into Competition Heeling. I myself would like to enroll again, this time in the interactive one.

- Christina Stockinger on 05/03/2016

I would like to leave feedback on Forrest Micke. I have taken the following three courses from Forrest; Engagement Skills, Heeler Toolbox Beginner, and Heelers Toolbox intermediate. I would, and often do, highly recommend his classes. He gets you by making the class energetic and fun to watch. My favorite thing about Forrest class is its all meat and no filler. I don't have a lot of time and he gets right to the skills in a very clear step by step method that makes both the handler and the dog feel successful. Forrest has a real eye for breaking down what he sees on the video assignments and giving clear suggestions on how to move forward. Even as a trainer with some experience I found his beginner Heelers Tool box Class very helpful in fixing some of the holes in my training. I look forward to taking the Advanced Heelers Toolbox course with Forrest. Thank you.

- Jane Eskuri on 06/25/2015

I didn't get a chance to send a video at the end, too much time in the ER with my mother, but I did want you to know how much I love and am inspired by the class! My training buddies have noticed a big improvement in my motivation and I have noticed a big improvement in Stitch's! Go figure! You are the cause! You have me excited to train again! After doing this for 30+ years! I was bored and boring! You break things down into small components and then when you put them together, voila! Love it! Stitch hated the break, although I did need it! Thanks Forrest and we are really looking forward to the next steps! If you were in front of me I would hug you and Stitch would jump all over you! Bet your glad it's an online class right!

- Catherine M.

We had so much fun with this weeks homework! This really is where the rubber hits the road and all the work we have done in the previous course is the perfect prep for this.

The idea of two barrels is too good. This will let me take the heeling out on the field without a wall. The idea of starting little stretches of straight lines in between the barrels is also too good.

Thanks so much for these easy to perform and really effective exercises :)

The careful way that you build up to each new task is exceptional, it ensures that the people and the dog have success. You just don't let us fail:) Just too good!

P.S. all the bridge behaviours in the last class are also too good! Draga loves them and they really are becoming self reinforcing, the left spin is her fave. I use them now when I first go onto the field and she's a bit too high. It gives her some easy exercises to warm up and focus with.

- Tafline G.

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