The Heeler's Toolbox I / Beginner

Foundation Skills and Concepts for the Competetive Heeling Team

Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 6 Modules

Access Period: Unlimited

Price: $149.00

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The Heeler's Toolbox is a series of classes with a comprehensive curriculum focusing on beginner, intermediate, and advanced obedience skills and techniques essential to any competitive obedience team. This series focuses heavily on both How to teach powerful, precise, and elegant heeling work, and Why the itemized skills and concepts are a benefit to any serious competitive partnership. 


The First class in this 3-part series (Beginner) exposes students to groundwork skills and behaviors fundamental to the heeling relationship as well as core concepts necessary for preparation to more advanced stages of the training program. Video and discussion will focus heavily on handler and canine skill building, individual team troubleshooting, and maintaining a relationship-centered training partnership. .


Skills and concepts covered:


1: Engagement - Creating an Empowered Student & Training Session Management

Maximize your training experience with your dog

 1 min 20 sec


2: Body Awareness & Conditioning

Fun physical conditioning in preparation for heeling

 1 min 6 sec


3: Getting That Head Position Right!

 1 min 41 sec


4: Focus & Proofing

Clockwork and value transfer games to accomplish both

 52 seconds


Wk 5:  Power-Ups

Adding energy with functional, highly reinforced behaviors

 4 min 34 sec







We recommend students have a reliable computer and internet access, a canine training partner, favorable food rewards, access to a neutral training environment, leash and flat collar or harness, bait bag or training food pouch/pocket, clicker (if preferred form of bridge).

Course Outline


"I have "only" the self study version of this course, because I wanted to know, if this would be something useful for my dogs. It is. I then enrolled in the interactive one, for I think, I learn more, when I get feedback from the instructor and other students. Unfortunately it was cancelled. I have taken HT 2 and 3 interactive, which were absolutely great too. But this does not hinder me to go regularly back to HT 1. It is so rich of inputs, the exercises are great fun for the dogs and myself, we are regularly repeating them and learning from them. The wholle stuff is so stimulating, that especially the two more active ones of my dogs were driven to invent new exercises. Not just sloppy modifications of the given ones, no they outet forward their own ideas, which surprised me and which I really could use for further fun work.

Because of the incredible richness and the precise and fascinating manner of the description of each exercise, I can recommend it to anyone, who loves dog "training in general. Not only for people, who intend to go into Competition Heeling. I myself would like to enroll again, this time in the interactive one. "

- Christina Stockinger on 05/03/2016

"Awesome course! My dog (Rico) and I were struggling with heeling for many years in the obedience ring. After taking this course it all came together and we are back on track. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to sharpen their heeling skills. Forrest is such an inspiration! He makes heeling fun and easy to learn! I liked this course so much that I bought the video too, but much prefer the interactive online course. Thanks again Forrest and Leerburg!"

- Tammie on 06/28/2016


What's the difference between this course, the DVD, and the stream?


DVD: 3 hours 13 minutes (physical copy)

Stream: 3 hours 13 minutes, lifetime access, stream from anywhere

Online Course: 165 videos (342 minutes), additional text content, discussion board, lifetime access, stream from anywhere


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