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Terrific! I've gotten a number of streaming videos and online courses and I love them. I love that the "How we manage our dogs in our home" is free. I'm sad to say that when we first got married and got a dog, we re-homed it because I thought it was the dog (now I know it was because I didn't know anything about managing or training a dog). Now I am learning all I can about managing and training a dog and our dogs (and me) are so much happier now! In fact, today my poodle went to where I keep the training treats and barked because she was asking for a training session! She wags her tail and loves it so much! Thanks!

- Kristie on 11/15/2018

What a GEM..... This was a wonderful course -- packed full of great information. Love the great videos with puppies and lovely examples. Easy to follow, well explained.. the course fee was okay to... This was a real treat. I am a dogtrainer and have had GSD's for 29 years now - but there is always stuff to learn or as a reminder if you are a bit rusty. So i would say this could fit several levels - not just for beginners.. I would highly recomend this course. Why did i give 4 and not 5 stars then? The title.. After a certain man on tv alpharolled dogs all over US and spread it across the globe called it all his pack - he killed the word. Also the debunking of the pack theory - done by the man who created it all - has also contributed it. I am schocked that i am still the only one who have purch. the course here.. But again - it was by sheere luck.The only reason i decided to try it was the intro videos. Sadly - a lot of people here just reads the title and that's it. I also do that most of the time. I am actually not sure yet if i dare to list it on my "monthly update" for seminars, courses, competitions. etc.. because i know i will get reaction - i am not kidding - just see how Youtube, FB, twitter works. etc.. One wrong word and they are out for blood... I am only being i said : it is a GEM and i LOVED every sec of it ! :) Thank you

- Ann-kristin Normann on 01/28/2018

Very satisfied.

Find an environment where things have their own name.

I will continue studying in the near future.

- Guillermo Miniño on 07/27/2017

This course is clear and we'll constructed. Anyone wold get something from this course
If we were just starting out on the pet ownership it should be a significant part of our planning.
If there was any improvement to be made in would add a module on homing rescue dogs that have been traumatised. I loved this course and it confirmed what my dog trainer is teaching me.

- Karen Boer on 02/28/2017

The FREE ONLINE COURSE should be "The Prerequisite." Before taking any of the online (self study or DVD, streaming or other...)

The multiple short videos and short reading gives you a great one on one and to the point instructions.

The definition/terms help and if you are attempting level 2 or 3 and not know why you say "GOOD" (the dog stays) and "YES" (the dog moves) well... It's like going to work saying you know it all but asking questions NOT bc you need clarification or better understanding but bc you didn't read/watch the material...

Last, it's frustrating reading 500 characters- keep the replies short- even if you reply2-3 times to make 2-3 points; the longer the more boring (* unless it's from an instructor! LoL- the more they write the more I want to learn)

*can we have the option to upload our dogs as the avatar? Reapproval I understand or add more avatar; I have a GSD, I would like that as my photo.

Thank you!

- LUIS R on 01/12/2017

I really enjoyed this course how to
Manage dogs in the home.
The clearness of the course is really great.
There isn't any confusion or wondering what is being said.
As one watches the video and listens to what is being taught and why it is necessary to
to manage the dogs like the Frawley's do, then I see how the lesson all makes sense and is very practical and works
The Leerburg method of training really works.
Thanks Leerburg
Jo Collins

- Josette Collins on 11/17/2016

Another great course full of information that everyone can benefit from. The average owner needs to learn this knowledge and trainers can gain much too. I like the idea of the links to subjects which relate to the subject matter being taught. These links provide so much more for anyone whose interested to take this further and delve deeper.

I would recommend this course.

- andrea cowen-richards on 08/18/2016

This is a great course! I learned a lot of things! I learned how to break up dog fights, what to do with distractions on a walk, the importance of management, introducing a cat and dog, and more! I enjoyed how there were videos to watch and not just stuff to read. I liked how this course covered a lot of topics and was easy to understand! I recommend you take this course!

- Pearl W on 03/22/2016

This course covers a broad range of topics as they apply to managing dogs in the home. If you don't think this is interesting topic, you'd be surprised … especially after you start seeing results. Anyone who has a dog; or is considering getting one; owes it to themselves, their family, and their dog, by taking this course. Set yourself (and the dog) up for success by learning the techniques necessary to build a trusting relationship and how to avoid common mistakes. The knowledge you take away just might make all the difference in your sanity (as it did for me) and the success of your relationship moving forward. Great stuff!

- Robert Y. on 12/07/2015

Great course from a Great source and knowledgeable man Ed Frawley

- david selfany on 10/27/2015

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