Welcome to the course!

Welcome to our course Teaching the rules of play!

We would like to thank you for taking this course, and we hope you find it informative and useful when it comes to the playing with, and training of your own dog.

We believe you will find the necessary material within this course to create, and maintain the maximum amount of drive and enthusiasm for play, while also teaching the dog the rules of play simultaneously.

The course is broken up into two modules.  

In the first module, we will cover all the steps taken to develop the drive for tug play, as well as how we teach the rules of play to our dogs.  

In the second module, we cover the steps taken when introducing control and obedience into our play, and also how to maintain or levels of drive once we incorporate this control and obedience.

It is suggested that you follow the steps which are divided into segments, in order to ensure success.  Feel free to take your time when going through module 1.  You will have access to this course for a minimum of 10 weeks, so that should give you ample time to study each segment thoroughly.

If you have any technical issues at all, please feel free to email for an assistance you might require.

If you have questions on the study material please feel free to send me an email with whatever questions you might have.

Thanks again for taking our course Teaching the rules of play!


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