Functional Play Development

Teaching our Dogs the Rules of Play

Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 2 Modules

Access Period: 1 year

Price: $40.00

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This course contains 68 videos in the course material.

It is designed to teach new dog trainers how to train their dogs to understand the
Rules of Play.

Those rules are:

  • Play tug with enthusiasm

  • Bring the toy back after the handler has released the toy

  • Out the toy when asked to release it

These rules are key to being able to use a toy as a reward item during any raining program. Once a dog understands these rules,  play interaction can be used to build the bond between a dog and it's handler. Constructive play can shape obedience behaviors, build confidence, and exercise our dogs. The goal of this course is teach you how to turn play into a productive tool in your dog training program.






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