Training the Police K9 Decoy

With Kevin Sheldahl

Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 5 Modules

Access Period: 1 year

Price: $50.00

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In this course, retired Police K9 officer Kevin Sheldahl teaches police officers how to safely decoy for a department K9 program.  The course is designed to facilitate one of the program’s most important and often neglected aspects, and it will be a valuable asset to officers of any police K9 program. The decoying concepts will be demonstrated by experienced police decoys, as well as officers who have never taken a bite from a police dog.  New decoys will learn how to do the work safely and effectively.

A trained decoy is an integral part of a strong, effective, and safe police patrol program, but in order to accomplish this, the dog handler and training decoy should be educated to work together to ensure that they understand police dog drives and character traits associated with training dogs to locate and capture potentially dangerous suspects.   Without proper decoy training, the decoy simply becomes someone who volunteers to get bitten.  That kind of relationship can adversely affect a police service dog's abilities, and negatively impact the agency employing such a dog by increasing its liability, ultimately resulting in ineffective K9 work—to say nothing of the ill effects it can have on an officer's safety.

Every Police K9 handler must have a maintenance training program. Their biggest challenge handlers face is to find an experienced  decoy willing to work their police dogs. Because of liability and insurance concerns, most K9 handlers are forced to rely on other police officers from their department to decoy their police dog. The problem is that these officers often have little to no training, which means they--as well as their dogs--run a higher risk of injury, and the dogs are not being challenged the way they should be. This online course is designed to teach a police officer how to safely decoy for their department's K9 unit.

Kevin was a K9 handler on a large sheriff's department in New Mexico for 25 years, so when it comes to teaching K9 officers, very few people in the United States can even come close to rivaling his experience.  He now owns a company named K-9 Services in Albuquerque, NM, where he specializes in training police officers to become K9 handlers.  Over the past 30 years, he has taught 55 of his six-week courses on this subject, making him an expert in all aspects of safe and effective police service dog training. Kevin also provides police dogs and training for departments throughout the United States.

For more information about Kevin Sheldahl, check out the free preview of module one.  In this first module, Kevin will discuss exactly what will be covered in the course, as well as his background and qualifications.


This course is recommended for police service dog handlers, department decoys, and department K9 supervisors who want to learn decoy work for their department's police K9 unit.





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