Module 1

Introduction and Goals of the Course


Training the Novice K-9 Decoy


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1 min 33 sec


Often K-9 handlers need department personnel to assist in maintaining their police dogs.  This often falls onto the volunteer who is available to help.  This isn't the best solution to training police dogs but, unfortunately, it is a common situation where there are no highly experienced training decoys available to the handler.  Since not training isn't an option, this course is developed to provide safety information and basic decoy skills to any novice willing to support their department's K-9 program.
To that end, we will present basic information about the drives and character traits of the working police service dog, equipment available to support maintaining the police service dog, and techniques in applying the equipment including safety issues.  We will then look at the standards and performance of the team.  The decoy must know what is expected of the dog in a given circumstance to assess their own behaviors.
We will apply these skills in scenarios designed to achieve the goals of a street-competent police service dog.
Throughout this course, we will emphasize technique for the decoy in being the combatant for the team.  This will help them become a great sparring partner, who can take pride in their K-9 program by supporting it in a very crucial way.



About Kevin Sheldahl

 2 min 38 sec

Kevin is an instructor of police service dog handlers.  He has taught more than fifty courses as lead instructor in detection and patrol.  He also instructs in K-9 SWAT application, tracking and advanced skills in detection and patrol.
Kevin is a frequent presenter on subjects such as electronic training collars, detection, and patrol, as well as selection testing.  He has 35 years of experience in these fields to reference and makes use of the experience he, as well as his numerous students, have had to provide an in depth study of the use and training of police service dogs of all types.
Kevin is a certified police service dog judge, and evaluator for a national police dog organization, and an experienced competitor in both civilian and police canine sports. 
Kevin has authored articles for Law Officer Magazine, Caliber Press, and Police K-9 Magazine as well as having developed curriculum for handler instruction.  Kevin has also acted as an expert witness for various law enforcement entities and as a subject matter expert for various organizations such as the US Embassy to Colombia in Bogota.
Currently, Kevin instructs courses in Basic Patrol & Detection in the Albuquerque Metro Area and teaches an advanced course at Fox Valley Technical College, in Appleton Wisconsin.  Kevin can also be found at various events as a guest instructor around the US and other countries.