Michael Ellis Three Day Workshop

Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 6 Modules

Access Period: Unlimited

Price: $200.00

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In December 2019, Michael Ellis traveled cross country to Wisconsin for our one of a kind event-The Michael Ellis School: Road to Leerburg-3 Day Workshop. This 18 hour online course is $200.00.


This event was different than a traditional dog training seminar. This was formatted as a condensed version of some of the core classes Michael teaches at the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers in Santa Rosa, California. Traditional seminars have working spots and auditor spots; our event was not run in this way.


Attendees that wanted to work their dogs with Michael were required to fill out a questionnaire and submit an audition video. Michael then chose a dozen dog & handler teams that best demonstrated the topic of the day. This style of workshop has proven to improve the learning experience for all students. 


Each day consisted of a different topic, with lecture in the morning and dog work in the afternoon. Michael also had an open question & answer session at the end of each day.


The topic for each of the days covered is as follows:


Day 1 : Relationship, Engagement and Communication

Day 2: How to Build and Use Motivation

Day 3: Proofing, Finishing Work, and Troubleshooting


We filmed each day and as a result have over 18 hours of footage which has been edited into over 155 videos. Those video segments have been organized into an online course on the Leerburg Online University.

This material will ONLY be available via Leerburg Online University, it will not be offered on DVD or as streaming video.

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The outline for the course can be seen below:




Module 1    Communication System - Thursday
  Segment 1  Our Communication System
  Segment 2  The Clicker 
  Segment 3  Reward Markers  
  Segment 4   Free Shaping  
  Segment 5  Do Pet Owners Need Marker Training?  
  Segment 6  The Value of Play  
  Segment 7  Punishment Markers  
  Segment 8  Punishment Markers and Puppies  
  Segment 9  Different Rewards  
  Segment 10  Engagement  
  Segment 11  Generalization 
  Segment 12  More Advanced Communication 
  Segment 13  Questions and Answers 
  Segment 14  Review of the Communication Program 
Module 2    Thursday - Dog Work
  Segment 1  Jesi and Penelope
  Segment 2  Peg and Gritty - 3 years old 
  Segment 3  Tammy and Breeze - 9 months old 
  Segment 4  Lise and Clutch - 18 months old 
  Segment 5  Geri and Sniper - 7 months old 
  Segment 6  Greg and Akirria - 8 years old 
  Segment 7  Tony and Achilles - 3 years old -GRP 1 
  Segment 8  Rhonda and Diamond - 3 years old 
  Segment 9  Dennie and Cisco - 11 months old 
  Segment 10  Mary Pat and Tara - 4 years old 
  Segment 11  Gloria and Caden - 17 months old 
  Segment 12  Noelle and Grimm - 4 years old 
  Segment 13  Sharon and Bonnie - 4 years old
Module 3    Principles of Motivation - Friday
  Segment 1  Building Motivation 
  Segment 2  Jack Potting in a New Light
  Segment 3  Dynamics of Food Work 
  Segment 4  Food Chase Games 
  Segment 5  Rules of Motivation
  Segment 6  Transition From Food to Toy
  Segment 7  Rules of Play 
  Segment 8  Restrained Play
  Segment 9  Toy Games & Trade Toys
  Segment 10  When to Teach the OUT 
  Segment 11   Police K-9 Outs
  Segment 12  Impulse Control
  Segment 13  Use of Frustration to Build Motivation
  Segment 14  Auditory Stimulation
  Segment 15  Questions and Answers 
  Segment 16  Friday Review
Module 4    Friday - Dog Work
  Segment 1  Handler Must be a Human Post
  Segment 2  Cindy and Meru 
  Segment 3  Teaching Penelope to Out 
  Segment 4  Lianne and Colt 
  Segment 5  Tony and Achilles
  Segment 6  Gloria and Caden
  Segment 7  Dennie and Cisco
  Segment 8  Lise and Clutch
  Segment 9  Tammy and Breeze
  Segment 10  Peg and Gritty
  Segment 11  Noelle and Grimm
  Segment 12  Friday Review
Module 5    Finishing Work & Troubleshooting - Saturday
  Segment 1  Questions on Friday's Work 
  Segment 2  Finishing Work 
  Segment 3  Position Changes: Front to Heel 
  Segment 4  The Mechanics of Positions 
  Segment 5  Reward Placement 
  Segment 6  You Can Have Different Conditioned Reinforcers 
  Segment 7  Frustration Builds Motivation 
  Segment 8  The E-Collar 
  Segment 9  Dogs that Vocalize 
  Segment 10  Speed, Arousal, & Precision 
  Segment 11  Demo: Call Away Drill 
Module 6    Saturday - Dog Work
  Segment 1  Tony and Achilles 
  Segment 2  Peg and Gritty 
  Segment 3  Tammy and Breeze 
  Segment 4  Lise and Clutch
  Segment 5  Sharon and Bonnie
  Segment 6  Mary Pat and Tara
  Segment 7  Noelle and Grimm
  Segment 8  Gloria and Caden
  Segment 9  Michael and Monk
  Segment 10  Dennie and Cisco
  Segment 11  More Questions


This course has to much video material than can be put into a DVD.


Online courses are so easy for students to review material. It is also far easier for a student to review a topics in a course than in a DVD. One only needs to try and review a specific topic in the middle of a DVD. Spending time going fast forward and rewinding takes so much time. Finding a topic in a well laid out course (like this workshop) takes seconds.


All dog trainers will benefit, particularly those who are familiar with or would like to learn more about Michael Ellis and his highly successful methods of dog training.



Course Outline


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How long will this course take to complete?

The course is your typical self study course that can be taken at your own pace. "3 Day Workshop" does not indicate that it needs to be finished in 3 days. There is no time limit on the course. This course was created from a 3 Day workshop held at Leerburg in December of 2019.


Does this course expire?

You will have lifetime access to this course, even after completion.


Will this course be offered in a DVD or stream format?

This workshop will only be available in an online format. It will not be offered in DVD or video stream.

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