The Principles of Dog Training

with Michael Ellis

Skill Level: Intermediate

Length: 15 Modules

Access Period: 1 year

Price: $1,500.00

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Even the most advanced concepts in dog training require a solid foundation, and the Principles of Dog Training with Michael Ellis is going to give you that foundation.  The skills learned throughout this 16-week course are going to carry over into every aspect of your training program and handler relationship.  This course is for people who are looking to become dog trainers and want to learn from the best in the world. The course will give you the necessary tools to become a successful dog trainer.

This course is modeled after Michael's two-week obedience intensive class at his school in northern California. The course is comprised of footage from that class, as well as footage from multiple Leerburg DVDs and several trips Michael made to Leerburg.

The course details all the fundamentals of Michael's approach to obedience and the dog/handler relationship, and helps the trainer build the “toolbox” he/she will use throughout the training process. This course thoroughly covers classical and operant conditioning, reward-based teaching systems, and the use of verbal markers for communication.  It also focuses on building behavior through luring, spatial pressure, “leash pressure,” and shaping, and we will also discuss the thoughtful introduction of aversives and the creation of motivation in your dog through productive play.  We will also cover the foundation for focused heeling and the entire progression of establishing the recall.

This is a 17-week fully-interactive course. The course has 15 modules, two of which are two weeks long, as well as a 16th module that will act as an appendix. The appendix of this class contains three complete Leerburg DVDs: The Power of Training Dogs with Food, Advanced Concepts in Motivation, and Training the Recall.  These three DVDs will be available for the duration of the course.

Students will have access to a live chat with Michael Ellis every week.  During these live chats, you will be able to ask Michael any questions that come up during your training sessions that week.  If you are unable to attend a live chat, they will be recorded and posted in the course for students to review.  In addition, students will have access to a weekly discussion forum that will be monitored by Michael and his very knowledgeable staff of trainers.

The feature that really makes this course an amazing opportunity is the student video uploads.  Each week, students are given a practical demonstration or homework assignment.  These homework assignments will allow students to practice the skills learned throughout the week’s material, film a short video of themselves training, and upload it for Michael to critique.  The student video uploads are what allows Leerburg Online University to put Michael Ellis in your living room and really give you a hands-on approach that you could never get without attending his school in California. The added benefit of watching your own videos after reading Michael's critique allows students to recognize the subtleties of dog training and perfect their technique.

Michael is an internationally renowned dog trainer and teacher with 30 years of experience in the competitive dog sports. He has taught extensively to a very diverse group of trainers, from competitive sport trainers, police departments, and the US military, to search and rescue groups, service dog agencies, and pet dog trainers.  Michael’s clear, concise, and patient style has made him one of the most popular coaches of trainers in the country.  He has given over 300 seminars in the United States, Canada, and South America---well over a thousand days of lecture and practical work in the last eight years alone---and as a result, he has been one of the driving forces in popularizing reward-based training systems for the protection sports.


This course is for people who are looking to become dog trainers and want to learn from the best in the world. The course will give you the necessary tools to become a successful dog trainer.





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