Feedback for The Principles of Dog Training 1

Michael is one of the top professional dog trainers in the world, not the United States, the World! In his promotional video for this course Michael explains this "16 Week Principles of Dog Training Course” is basically the same content he offers in his two week OBEDIENCE INTENSIVE course which is held at his SCHOOL FOR DOG TRAINERS, located in Santa Rosa, CA.

Michael makes the point that not everyone can afford to take two weeks off work, fly or drive to Santa Rosa and then pay hotel and restaurant bills plus miscellaneous travel expenses for two-plus weeks away from home. This on-line course solves that issue.

I would like to add, from my 50 years of experience attending weekend dog training seminars, on Monday morning I would only retain a small fraction of the material from those seminars. Maybe that has something to do with a “attention deficit disorder” who knows. But this situation is solved in our on-line course. Students have 16 weeks to absorb the material with almost unlimited review time.

What we see happening is students will take Michaels courses and when they see how great the course material is they then chose to make the leap and travel out to work personally with Michael in his school courses. By doing that they get the best of both worlds: they have the time to learn and review all the great course material, then if they chose to travel to Michaels School they get additional hands on experience to take their skills to a new level. There are a lot of people who have done exactly this and loved it. There are also students who have gone out to Michaels school and then turned around and took the on-line course (they love the ability to review the material, because they are not allowed to video tape at there school).

- Ed Frawley on 03/02/2017

The Principles of Dog Training with Michael Ellis was a great course. Very informative. I leaned a lot and will be taking his second course in the future.

- Charles C. on 05/27/2016

If you thought you broke your training down into bite size pieces to make the whole, Michael Ellis breaks every segment of training down into "Crumbs" then reconstructs! This course was eye opening to the minor details that are very important when building a solid training foundation. Thank you for a great course and looking forward to the next!

- Katie on 12/31/2015

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