Module 1

Workshop Lectures


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Chad does does 2 or 3 lectures per day. One is done first thing in the morning and one right after lunch. These lectures cover what he will work on over the next few hours, along with giving students the opportunity to ask questions. In this module you will have access to the lectures for both days of the seminar.


The videos in this course are designed to be studied and watched a number of times. Look at what Chad and Justin do when they get into the suit. Then think of that when you see students in the suit. Look at what students do correctly and see what they need work on.


Put a cone out (or anything to act as a cone) then go out in your yard and practice the footwork a 1,000 times until you can do  a face attack in your sleep without thinking about it. These are the things you need to do to get the most out of this course.


Put a basket out (or anything that can act as a basket) and practice your approach. Take notes and make a list of the moves Chad and Justin do on their object guard. Memorize your notes and practice them without a dog. 


The beauty of online training is the ability to  review, review and review the work. Going to the seminar is a great way to get experience in a suit, the only problem is the ability to review has to be done in your head. 


 1 hour 7 min




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