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Ann Braue is a familiar name to most Agility enthusiasts. As a competitor she has represented the USA at the FCI Agility World Cup five times. In 2007 (along with team members Linda Mecklenberg and Carrie Jones) she helped bring home the Large Dog Silver Medal from the FCI Championships in Hamar, Norway. In 2010 she was part of the Large Dog team that earned the bronze medal in Team Jumping.  She has represented the United States at the prestigious Crufts competition twice.

Here at home Ann is a five-time USDAA National Champion.  In addition to winning the Dog Agility Masters Team Tournament and the Grand Prix of Dog Agility, she has won the $10,000 Steeplechase three times.

As a coach, Ann has led American Teams abroad first as Coach for Team USA at the 2013 FCI World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa and more recently as Coach to the American Teams competing in the European Open in 2014(Hungary), 2015(Germany) and 2016(France).

Ann is universally respected as a competitor, instructor and coach.   Wisconsin and Florida serve as home base.   Ann has given seminars from one end of the United States to the other. She has also presented seminars abroad, in South Africa and Australia. Her approach to instruction is deeply rooted in her experience as an educator, with careful, detailed steps, and training advice that is easy to understand. Ann’s primary focus is always on the relationship between the dog and the handler. Her goal is to assist students in learning how to build a deep and joyful partnership with their canine partner.

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