Feedback for Teaching Engagement Skills

Ok now that I know what timezone I live in in relation to GREENWHICH mean time!! I thought the course was great!! Engagement skills. I teach classes on Canine life and social skills and have had people ask me.."Is it necessary that your dog makes eye contact?" I said "Well hell yes" so I was able to share some techniques. Thank you.

- Jody Harpel on 04/13/2018

Outstanding course, fascinating and very educative. On walks it makes me observe my dogs and the surroundings much better than before, although I will still have to work on it. It is sometimes difficult to recogniize well the thresholds. Of course my own fault. But thanks to the course I am on the way of learning it.
Sometimes I am not aware, that a surrounding has too many distractions, sometimes I realize too late, that an annoying competing motivator is approaching. But thanks to this course I have become much more attentive, can feel much better how a dog might feel in the same situation. This is for me already a big progress.
My LabMix for example used to freak out completely, when we met horses. Then I went further away from them, made a little engagement session and gradually - every day a bit - I approached the horses. Within only one week I could go to the fence, without the LabMix barking, and three days later, dog and horses put their noses together. I could hardlz believe my own eyes.
Now I dare to go slowly into regions with a bit more distractions. My work is not done yet, but I am very optimistic. And last but not least I learned a new English word "threshold". By the way Engagement Skills work with humans too, if practised correctly, I guarantee.

- Christina Stockinger on 05/07/2016

I am so enjoying your online courses! I am working through the Basic Obedience [with Ed] and the Engagement course with Forest. They are laid out so well and break everything down. Forrest communicates so well and precise. I have been going to a class but the learning has been a bit chaotic. I so appreciate being able to go at my own pace. I have to see things clearly before I can do them. With your course I can rewind, rewind, and rewind until I see the picture clearly!! Thank you all for your dedication to excellence!!!

- Shalom H. on 06/18/2015

I took this course earlier this year it is EXCELLENT! 5 stars out of 5 stars is not enough.

First Forrest is an excellent instructor, a true GEM.

Second the course is structured and flows smoothly for the first time dog owner and the advanced dog owner who is looking to refresh their skills. I wish I had had this access back 6 years ago when I got my first English Setter, but it has proven to be helpful now.

I pass along to every new dog owner that I meet the Leerburg web site and have recommended the University courses to many people. Yeah! Way to go Ed, Cindy, Jeff and the rest of the Leerburg crew.

- Margie W. for Ranger and Winston

I thought the class was well thought out and well organized. I like that it was broken down into little bits of information that were easy to digest. The segments built on the previous ones.

I appreciated that I could take the class at my own pace, as I really had trouble finding two full weeks to give to it, but was able to stretch it out and still view all the materials and work with my dog on the different skills. We are already making significant progress.

Well worth the money. I have already been recommending the class to other dog owners who have engagement issues.

- Rebecca B.

Is it ever going to be available on DVD and download. This was such a great course.

I absolutely love the trainer Forrest Micke and noticed that he will be teaching a serious of heeling classes. I have a very, very challenging dog for that one. Field English Setter that wants to be in the lead all the time.

- Margie W.

This course was PERFECT! From novice to pro this course can benefit both. Forrest is very easy to learn from. He has a way of not only Engaging a dog but also a human. The video's along with the written text were a very helpful tool. I do hope that this course comes out on DVD so that I can purchase it and have it on hand when I need it. It never hurts to revist something that you once learned. I found that even though I knew, I also was failing in a few areas and now can repair them and have better success.

- Ann K.

Was initially skeptical about "on-line dog training". But now I plan on taking more courses in the future.

- Jeanette T.

The course was fantastic, Forest was great in explains and demonstrating in a easy and fun way. Keep the courses coming...Great Job Forrest and Jeff!

- Bryan B.

The course has met its Aims and Objectives in my view; I would not change what is a comprehensive and concise explanation of what the course is all about: developing engagement and understanding the process of being able to achieve this goal.

A lot of thought and development has been put into the course content, from the very beginning at the introduction and explanation of understanding of terminology used throughout the course content, to seeing the results that are achievable by better understanding and developing the skills explained. Putting into practice the learnt skills and seeing the rewards that it brings to the relationship between oneself and the dog.

A must introduction course for all owners / handlers new and old, well done.

- Colin S.

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