Feedback for The Heeler's Toolbox III / Advanced

I have to say that this series of courses was fantastic. My heeling with my dog had completely stagnated, but these exercises and techniques put us back on the right track, and my dog's focused heeling is now beautiful. Obviously they're a bit pricey, but well worth the money. I recommend the Heeler's Toolbox series to anyone needing a bit of refinement in their heeling work, or people just starting out at the beginning. The focus exercises that Forrest provides in the first course are also fantastic for any obedience work, and have worked well for myself, my clients, and friends I've shared them with. I look forward to continuing to use these techniques with new dogs I train, as these methods seem to work for any type of dog.

- Victoria Wheeler on 05/31/2017

I have taken Engagement Skills, Heeler Toolbox 1 selfstudy, HT 2 and 3 interactive and was enthusiastic about each course so much, that I should like to take them a second time with my other dogs. My Pit, who was my partner in the interactive courses has improved much and is still improving, as I of course continue training these exercises. She is the most difficult of my dogs, because a bit "phlegmatic", but I can see how she is continually gaining drive .

The construction of the whole course is perfect, it corresponds modern learning principles, is divided in
entertaining, educational modules and segments. You learn in short and thrilling steps. I experienced not one single boring moment. Everything is brought quickly and memorably to the point.

Not to forget - to be part of an interacting class was very encouraging. Priceless all thoses feedbacks. We can not estimate this enough.

Many, many thanks to Forrest. He has not only great handler skills, heaps of experience, but also eyes like a hawk which discover your handler weaknesses. He makes you aware of them in a precise, impressive and motivating way, combined with detailed illustrations and advices. But the most wonderful praise unfortunately he can
only see for a short time. All the dogs, who were his pupils, should be able to give him their feedback personnallz further on.

My dogs as well as I myself are hoping very much that all the HT courses will be repeated. They not only give awesome chances to the one, who wants to go actively into Competition Heeling, but also to everyone, who wants to make an engaged and well behaved dog out of a perhaps not yet well trained one.

- Christina Stockinger on 05/03/2016

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