Feedback for Introduction To Flyball

I really found the discussion of equipment and the set up extremely helpful. The wall work was especially useful and had a lot of good videos with various dogs at different stages. Also the jump work and the different stages of proofing was fantastic.
The Module on Exercises and Stretching was a lovely addition and something I can use with any dog, not just flyball dogs.
The only thing I seemed to "miss" was an introduction to the box... how the dog is transitioned from the wall to the box and how they get used to the sound and "catching" the ball.
Otherwise overall an extremely useful and easy to follow course on training Flyball!!
Thanks so much!

- Andrea on 08/14/2016

I really liked this course as an initial introduction to Flyball. I've had to tweek a few things since I'm training a giant breed dog (Great Dane). We are well on our way to competing! The one thing I would like added is more explanation/ demonstration on how to get your dog from wall work to actual box work with the spring launch. I'm sure this is an easy transition for the dog but I just want to make sure I'm doing it right and what, if any, common problems happen. Great course though! I'll be sure taking many more!

- Katelyn on 08/04/2016

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