Skill Level: Intermediate

Length: 5 Modules

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This is our third in the Michael Ellis series of training courses. We feel it's the best one yet. The training information in this video is revolutionary in the world of dog training.


Michael's motivational system of training dogs is based in marker training. The foundation for the work Focused Heeling is covered in the 9 1/2 hours of instruction featured in our two earlier DVDs that were done with Michael, The Power of Training Dogs with Food and The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog.


The old "yank and crank" methods of training heeling have gone by the wayside. The fact is a good portion of the training in this DVD can be done without a leash and without corrections. In fact introducing corrections are the very last step in focused heeling.


Training dogs to give to pressure is revolutionary in the field of dog training. It teaches young dogs how to live with stress. The concept of "learning how to give to pressure" has been around for years in horse training, no one has introduced it into the world of dog training like Michael Ellis.



 Course Outline


Module 1   Introduction
  Segment 1 Meet Michael Ellis
  Segment 2 Terminology
  Segment 3 When to Start Training
  Segment 4 Marker Training and Engagement
Module 2   Muscle Memory Heeling
  Segment 1 Student Demonstrations
  Segment 2  Using Food
  Segment 3 The Importance of Head Position 
  Segment 4 Barriers 
  Segment 5 Using "Good" for Duration 
  Segment 6 More Student Demonstrations 
Module 3   Leash Pressure
  Segment 1 Fading the Lure Hand
  Segment 2 Rate of Reinforcement 
  Segment 3 Leash Pressure 
  Segment 4 Leash Pressure - Additional Demonstrations 
  Segment 5 Leash Pressure - Back Command 
  Segment 6 Weaning Dogs off Food Rewards 
  Segment 7 Capping 
  Segment 8 Sustained Focus 
  Segment 9 Adding A Toy Reward 
  Segment 10 Problems with the 'Out' 
  Segment 11 Corrections and Finding the Right Pace 
Module 4   Finishing Work
  Segment 1 Turns
  Segment 2 Training the Finish
  Segment 3 Finding the Left Leg
  Segment 4 Adding Distractions
Module 5   Where to Go From Here
  Segment 1 Continue Your Education with Michael




The Power of Training Dogs with Food and the Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog DVDs establish the foundation of Michael's training methods. When you've done Michael's work with food and toys, you'll be ready to begin the training exercises in this course on focused heeling. If you have not studied the 9 1/2 hours of work in the two earlier DVDs, you may find some of the concepts that we're about to discuss confusing.



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DVD:  4 hours (physical copy)

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Online Course:  66 videos (4 hours), text content, discussion board,  lifetime access, stream from anywhere

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