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Length: 6 Modules

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This course will cover how to prepare your dog for any type of competition. The course will teach people who train with markers (conditioned reinforcement) how to wean their dog off food rewards and/or toy rewards in preparation for taking their dog into any dog sport competition. This is an extremely important skill to learn because to do it correctly and still maintain motivation and drive is an art form.


The course is also going to teach trainers how to introduce their dog to punishment. We will explain when it is appropriate and when it is inappropriate to use punishment. We will also explain how to approach this work based on the temperament and the drive of individual dogs. Internal dogs are trained differently than external dogs; hard dogs are trained differently than soft dogs. Trainers must learn how to tailor their training program according to the temperament, genetics, and the drive levels of their dog.


This training is directed to those who use a positive training system, or in other words, those who use a foundation of markers or clickers in their work.



Course Outline


Module 1   Introduction and Terminology
  Segment 1 Classical and Operant Conditioning
  Segment 2 Aversive 
  Segment 3 Reward Reinforcement 
  Segment 4 Stimulation (Arousal Level) 
  Segment 5 Generalization
  Segment 6 Overshadowing
  Segment 7 Learned Helplessness
  Segment 8 Self-Reinforcing Behaviors
  Segment 9 Competing Motivators
  Segment 10 Internal vs External Dogs
  Segment 11 Active vs Suppressive "Stressors" 
  Segment 12 Primary and Conditioned Reinforcer 
  Segment 13 Conditioned Punisher 
  Segment 14 Escape and Avoidance Training 
  Segment 15  Reward Based Training
Module 2   Rewards: Reducing the Rate of Rewards
  Segment 1 Reward Schedule
  Segment 2  Value and Quality of Reward
  Segment 3 Intensity
  Segment 4 Duration
  Segment 5 Conditioned Reinforcer without Primary Reinforcer
  Segment 6 Expectation of Reward
Module 3   Punishment: Types, Concerns, and our Philosophy on Punishment
  Segment 1 Positive and Negative Punishment
  Segment 2 Social Pressure
  Segment 3 Psychological Pressure
  Segment 4 Conditioned Punisher
  Segment 5 Punishment: Self-Reinforcing Behaviors and Competing Motivators 
  Segment 6 Traditional Tools of Punishment
Module 4   Concerns
  Segment 1 What Dogs Can Know: Heeling? Fronts?
  Segment 2 Mistakes vs Disobedience
  Segment 3 Quality of Behaviors
  Segment 4 Involuntary Behaviors
  Segment 5 Inconsistency and the Application of Aversives
  Segment 6 The Role of Frustration
  Segment 7 Reducing the Rare of Rewards and Adding Punishment
  Segment 8  Preemptive Corrections
  Segment 9  Security From Suppression
Module 5   Tangents and Topics of General Interest
  Segment 1 Getting Ready for Competition
  Segment 2 Classical Conditioning Revisited
  Segment 3 Factors Affecting Speed in Execution of Behaviors
  Segment 4 Remote Collar Conditioning
  Segment 5 Overshadowing, Corrections, and Stressors
  Segment 6 Generalization
Module 6   Where to Go From Here


This training is directed to those who use a positive training system, or in other words, those who use a foundation of markers or clickers in their work.


It would be very beneficial to be familiar with some of the concepts addressed in our previous DVDs, especially the use of verbal markers or conditioned reinforcers, our philosophy on motivation and play, and our methods for introducing leash pressure. In addition and understanding of our methods for using remote electronic collars will also be helpful.

Course Outline


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