Leash Skills

with Michael Ellis

Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 3 Modules

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The majority of dog owners only use their leash when taking their dog for a walk. A large number of those people are being pulled down the street each and every time they attempt to walk their dog. No one enjoys this experience, which is why we have produced this course on how to use your leash as a tool to communicate with your dog. Through a process called "leash pressure," we can teach the dog how to politely walk on the leash by implementing the skill we call "Loose Leash Walking."


Three of the most common questions we receive about Michael Ellis' training system are:

  1. What is Leash Pressure?
  2. How do you teach Leash Pressure?
  3. When is it appropriate to incorporate Leash Pressure into your training program?


This training will allow you to use the leash as a communication tool, which means giving your dog directional cues using pressure or slight pulls on the lead.


The course will break down how to establish leash pressure in a detailed, step-by-step process. We will also cover practical applications of this new skill. Everyday uses for leash pressure include loose leash walking, finishes, heeling, recalls and play.



 Course Outline


Module 1   Introduction
  Segment 1 Meet Michael Ellis
  Segment 2 Basic Behaviors
  Segment 3 Your Relationship with Your Dog 
  Segment 4 Training with Markers 
  Segment 5 Pre-Leash Management
  Segment 6 Equipment
Module 2   Training Steps
  Segment 1 Mechanics of Leash Pressure
  Segment 2  Uses for Leash Pressure
  Segment 3 Position in Heeling
  Segment 4 Finishes
  Segment 5 Loose Leash Walking
  Segment 6 Contact Heeling 
  Segment 7 Possession in Play
  Segment 8 Finishing Work
  Segment 9 Shaping
Module 3   Where to Go From Here
  Segment 1 What's Next?


Anyone who is looking to improve their walks with their dogs that encounter pulling when on a walk.


One of the obvious uses of leash pressure is as a prerequisite to the use of punishment, positive punishment or correction, for a dog failing to do something they've been taught to do (what we call disobedience). Our leash pressure work is in preparation to introduce the dogs to the potential tools of punishment that we might use later on. In this course we're not going to go into great detail regarding the use of punishment as we've done that thoroughly in our finishing work DVD. I recommend people that are at the stage where they think they want to incorporate correction or positive punishment into their training regimen through the use of the tools, the leash especially as it pertains to this course, that they go and review our finishing work DVD.


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Some common questions:

  • How old is your dog when you start leash pressure?
  • Where are they developmentally in the training process?
  • Are certain key components that we want to have satisfied before we introduce the leash as a training tool?


We use the leash frequently with our young dogs before that to move our dogs around, block unwanted behaviors, and to manage our dogs. We're not actually using it as a tool for training primarily, but instead using it to create behavior. When we introduce leash pressure (when we introduce the concept of yielding to the leash like we're going to in this course), it is primarily going to be negative reinforcement. Meaning the dog is shutting off some subtle pressure with their behavior. In this case, the behavior is simply moving with the leash or breaking through a classic opposition reflex.


We'll go into this in greater detail later in the course, but you'll get the idea that the dog, through negative reinforcement, is learning to move with the leash. So, certain things need to be in place developmentally before this can happen.




What's the difference between this course, the DVD, and the stream?


DVD:  1 hours 12 minutes (physical copy)

Stream:  1 hours 12 minutes, lifetime access, stream from anywhere

Online Course:  41 videos (67 minutes), text content, lifetime access, stream from anywhere on any smart device

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