Hiking Etiquette with Your Dogs

with Ed Frawley

Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 7 Modules

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Welcome to Hiking with Your Dog!


3 min 54 sec


The goal of this course is to share experiences Ed Frawley and Cindy Rhodes have had over the past 55 years of living with and hiking with their dogs. In this course we are going to tell you what has worked for us and the lessons learned from our mistakes. This course is not is a dog training course. It is a dog-owners training manual. 


This means that we are not going to teach how to train the behaviors we use on our hikes (loose leash walking: left right crosses or contact heeling etc).  Those training for skills  are taught in my Basic Dog Obedience DVD and my Intermediate Dog Training DVD. 

What we are going to do is show you how and when we apply these behaviors on our hikes.


New pet owners simply don't understand the complexities of walking or hiking with their dog. Simply put, "they don't know what they don't know". This leads to problems because they are often exposed to inaccurate "old wives tails".  This course is going to change that. 


We teach how to choose a hiking location that is compliment to a dog's age, level of training, and abilities. We cover hiking or walking in suburban areas, urban areas, and rural locations. Each of these environments have different distractions that require different game plans. This includes bikers, joggers, other on and off leash dogs, predators, and more. When done correctly, hiking with your dog will become a safe and enjoyable experience for both of you.



Module 1    Getting Started
  Segment 1 Choosing a Hiking Location
  Segment 2 Equipment You May or May Not Need
  Segment 3  Equipment We Don't Recommend
  Segment 4 Why we Train with Food
Module 2    Skills You Will Use on Your Hikes
  Segment 1 Loose Leash Walking, Left and Right Cross, the Recall
  Segment 2 Proper Fit and Use of the Prong Collar
  Segment 3 The Recall
  Segment 4 Engagement
  Segment 5 Automatic Sit
Module 3    Distractions to Prepare For
  Segment 1 Hikers and Joggers
  Segment 2 Bikers and Skate Boarders
  Segment 3 Meeting Other Dogs
  Segment 4 Horses
  Segment 5 Predators and Prey
  Segment 6 Wood Ticks
Module 4   Dogs with Physical and Emotional Challenges
  Segment 1 Fearful Dogs
  Segment 2 Reactive (Aggressive Dogs) 
  Segment 3 Hiking with Puppies 
  Segment 4 Short Headed Dogs 
Module 5   Multiple Dogs - Off Leash Hikes
  Segment 1 Hiking with Multiple Dogs
  Segment 2  Off Leash Hiking 
Module 6   Dog Fights
  Segment 1 What Makes You So Special
  Segment 2 Dog Fights - What to Do
  Segment 3 Dog Parks are a Terrible Idea
  Segment 4 First Aid
Module 7    Additional Leerburg Training Resources




Dog owners who want to learn how to manage their dogs while hiking in different environments with varying distractions.



Course Outline


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