From the Rescue to the Home

with JJ Belcher

Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 8 Modules

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The reason Leerburg produced this course was the help rescue organizations reduce the number of dogs that were returned after being adopted.  Most returned happen simply because new adoptees don't know how to live with a dog. See the full outline at the bottom of this description. 

Our course provides a tool that shelters can us to teach adoptees the correct way to introduce a new dog into their home and then teach them the correct way to manage a dog in the home.


Module 1   What is a Rescue Dog    
  Segment 1  The Journey Begins    
  Segment 2 Before You Adopt    
  Segment 3 Preparing Your Home    
Module 2   Introducing Your Dog to it's Forever Home    
  Segment 1 Potty Training    
  Segment 2 Introducing the Dog to the Crate    
  Segment 3 Introducing Your Dog to other Pets    
  Segment 4 Introducing the Dog to the Car and Travel    
Module 3   The Art of Communication with a Dog    
  Segment 1 Basic Obedience    
  Segment 2 Play Time    
  Segment 3 Real World Training    
Module 4   Behavior Modification    
  Segment 1 Separation Anxiety    
  Segment 2 Destructive Behaviors    
  Segment 3 Barking    
  Segment 4 Resource Guarding    
  Segment 5 Fearful and Shy Dogs    
Module 5   Health and Maintenance    
  Segment 1 Preparing for a Vet Visit    
  Segment 2 Preparing for a trip to the Groomer    
  Segment 3 Dog Diet    
Module 6   People Places and Things    
  Segment 1 Dogs and Kids    
  Segment 2 Introducing Your Dog to New Environments    
  Segment 3 Dogs and Vehicle    
  Segment 4 Dog Parks & Off-Leash Dogs    
Module 7   In CLOSING    
Module 8    RESCUE STORIES    

Adoptees often dogs are returned as a result of bad manners. The bottom line is manners can be learned through  proper management and patience.  


Every dog goes through a honeymoon process when they come into a new home. If there are going to be behavioral problems they show up right away or shortly after the honeymoon is over. These problems can be corrected if the new owners simply follow the protocol outlined in this course.

It is important to understand that there is a difference between obedience training  and managing our dogs. While both are important, quite often management is more important than obedience training. Management simply means we teach a dog, through the use of dog crates, ex-pens, dog kennels and leash control how we expect him to act in our home. 


In this course we will also take a behind the scenes to look at the journey many rescue dogs go on before reaching your home. We interview staff and volunteers of rescue organizations to see what life was like before it was adopted.

We will go over common behavior problems associated with dog adoption (nervousness, separation anxiety, etc…) and how to solve and prevent those problems.

We will discuss how to properly introduce a dog to a new environment and housemates, Proper Socialization Techniques, Maintaining a Healthy Pet, Leash Walking, Obedience Training and more... 

The content in this course is also available on DVD at

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Our goal is to provide the kind of information that eliminates dogs being returned to the shelter for reasons that would not have happened had the dog been managed properly. The course will benefit Rescue organizations that put dogs in short term foster homes and/or people who adopt a dogs from shelters. Our course will teach simple methods on how to live with a dog in ways that eliminate behaviors problems.


This course is intended for new dog owners or soon to be new dog owners who have or will be adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue. It can also apply to a new dog or puppy from a breeder or pet store.

Course Outline


"I wish I had taken this course before I rescued my dog. I feel like there are many things that would have helped to ease her into her new environment as we were her third home after being picked up as a stray. The sections including prevention of separation anxiety and the importance of socialization/neutralization were very informative and personally helpful. Of course, hindsight is 20/20!

This well-rounded course has a lot of material that I can utilized now as well as in the future. Currently, I volunteer with a rescue and have started to foster dogs. I feel better equipped to help these dogs on their journey to finding their permanent homes, especially in preventing behavioral problems and preparing them to be more adoptable."

- Rachel Wright on 04/15/2020

"We enjoyed taking this course. There was a lot of valuable information that needed to be repeated to even long time dog owners. We especially like the modules that gave information on introducing you new dog to it's forever home, the module that explained behavior modifications and the module that gave information on slowly and incrementally introducing the dog to new surroundings, people and other stimuli. We also learned that it is better for us and the dog to be neutralized rather than be socialized. "

- Donna & Steve Farmer on 04/15/2020


Q: Do I have to have a dog from a rescue, or can this course be used with a new puppy or older dog?

A: No. This course can be used for new puppy owners and new dog owners in general as we will talk about setting up your home, car rides, crate training, vet visits, separation anxiety, and more!



What's the difference between this course, the DVD, and the stream?


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