Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 8 Modules

Access Period: 1 year

Price: $60.00

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In this course we will take a behind the scenes look at the journey many rescue dogs go on before reaching your home. We will interview staff and volunteers of rescue organizations to see what life was most likely like before you adopted your new best friend. We will go over common behavior problems associated with dog adoption (nervousness, separation anxiety, etc…) and how to solve and prevent those problems. We will discuss how to properly introduce a dog to a new environment and housemates, Proper Socialization Techniques, Maintaining a Healthy Pet, Leash Walking, Obedience Training and more... Our goal with this course is to reduce the return rate to animal shelters due to behavior problems. We hope you find this course to be a valuable behavior management tool.

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Dog owners who have or are in the process of adopting a dog but it will also benefit any dog owner bringing a young or adult dog into a new home. I also believe this course may help Shelter Staff and Dog Fosters.


This course is intended for new dog owners or soon to be new dog owners who have or will be adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue. It can also apply to a new dog or puppy from a breeder or pet store.



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Q: Do I have to have a dog from a rescue, or can this course be used with a new puppy or older dog?

A: No. This course can be used for new puppy owners and new dog owners in general as we will talk about setting up your home, car rides, crate training, vet visits, separation anxiety, and more!