Principles of Pressure Workshop

with Tyler Muto

Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 3 Modules

Access Period: 12 years

Price: $50.00

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The Principles of Pressure

with Tyler Muto


The purpose of this workshop is not to train dogs, but to take one category of tools and use them efficiently, gracefully, and humanely.

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In modern dog training, it is widely acknowledged that in ideal circumstances initial instruction should be given using primarily reward-based techniques. However, for much of the dog owning public, solely reward based training poses many challenges, often due to limited inherent motivation, limited time, or less than ideal training environments. In these situations, the use of what we call “pressure” can be an incredibly valuable instructional tool to aid the dog in overcoming hurtles that may otherwise become roadblocks to their success. To use pressure in this way, not as a proofing mechanism, but rather as an additional piece of communication during the initial instructional phases of training, requires a keen sensitivity to the dog, a sound understanding of animal learning, and mastery of the mechanics of leash handling, body language and timing.


In this workshop, Tyler will emphasize the importance of softness and the value of creating a cooperative and mutually respectful relationship. Tyler will help trainers develop the skills necessary to train dogs effectively, gently and compassionately when the effects of reward based techniques are limited. The workshop will primarily focus on the use of body language, leash pressure, and the electronic collar, and will emphasize both the core principles that underlie all of these tools, along with the specific mechanics required for each.


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