Drive Development for Competition Obedience

with Tami McLeod

Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 7 Modules

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Understanding The Infrastructure Behind Animated Obedience


 This course concept is comprised of three main components called "The Three Pillars". The first pillar is teaching to think, the second is building drive association on the field, and the third is conditioning drive states in obedience. This online course grazes the surface of these three fundamental concepts that are the infrastructure for highly animated and correct obedience.


About Tami McLeod

As a professional dog trainer for twenty years I have been fortunate to blend my passion for working dogs together with my livelihood. I offer pet dog training under the name Baja Dog Training, and competition sport dog coaching and workshops through Absolute K9 Solutions.


I started training at an early age, beginning with AKC conformation handling (Rottweilers and Scottish Terriers) and obedience trials (with my father's German Shepherds). I was just sixteen years old when the training director of my first local schutzhund club took me to spectate at the DVG Championships, and from that point on I was enamored with the power and relationship of high drive dogs.


I titled my first dog in IPO (schutzhund) at 16. I went on to garner titles at the IPO/SchH III level on four different dogs, an additional two dogs to IPO II, a few to IPO I's, a dozen plus BHs, a French Ring Brevet, and accumulating over 100 working dog titles in dog sports (mostly in IPO) with a variety of breeds.


I have qualified and competed in four national championships National level dogs, including:

  • Filo du Ciel Rouge, SchH III/IPO III, BH, French Ring Brevet (Malinois, owned/trained by Tami McLeod, bred by Augusta Farley)

  • Pounder du Domaine du Soleil, BH, IPO I, BH

    (Malinois, owned/trained by Tami McLeod, bred by Michael Ellis)

  • Lothar du Chenil Victoire, SchH/IPO III, FR 2 (Owned by Michael Ellis, titled by Michael Ellis in FR and Tami McLeod in IPO)

  • Degn's Monrad, SchH III/IPO III (Owned by Cele Danner, trained by Jim Sears, Cele Danner, and Tami McLeod)

  • Training and titling numerous GSDs (show and working dogs) for clients, as well as Malinois, Giant Schnauzer, Borzoi, Rottweiler, American Pit Bull Terrier, and a multitude of breeds in the companion dog world.

  • Competed in the N. American Championships X 2, USA National Championships X 2, Regional Championships X 3, AWMA Nationals.

  • FCI All Breed World Championship team member (Germany) where I was the youngest ever American to compete and trialed the youngest dog

  • Multiple High in Trials, High Tracking, High Obedience, High Protection -"V" (excellent ratings) achieved in all three phases.


Having the good fortune to work with some challenging dogs which tipped the scales toward either too much drive, or too little drive, required me to become an innovative problem solver and develop my flexibility as a trainer. The ability to effectively train a wide range of dogs is attributed to those dogs who posed difficulties which other trainers had given up on.


I contributed to dog clubs over the years as founding member of the American Working Malinois Association, board member/delegate to the American Working Dog Federation, serving on past committees including the National Events Committee, former Pacific Northwest Training Director, and Training Director for local clubs.


Currently, I am accepting students for sport coaching and a limited number of companion dogs in the Carlsbad/Vista/Oceanside area of north San Diego county. I provide workshops a few times a year in the US and Canada, and am grateful to be joining the Leerburg team with an online course.





This course is designed for beginning trainers who want to build drive in their dogs as it relates to competition obedience.





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