Training Building Search using Lasers

Skill Level: Intermediate

Length: 9 Modules

Access Period: Unlimited

Price: $65.00

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In this course, we will train the dog to go to the laser dot and start searching for a human target.

We start the training in a state of low arousal to avoid getting issues with the dogs making sounds or acquiring other non-desirable behaviors. 

4 min 43 sec.


In this course, the dog does not have to learn new behaviors.

It has to learn to apply already learned behaviors in new contexts. The course format is a progression plan showing the steps/subgoals you should achieve and in which order to achieve them and does not give detailed instructions on how to reach the subgoals.

Exactly how to reach the subgoals will more effectively be determined by you who knows how the dog has been trained previously. Many of the steps/subgoals in this course are big enough for you to have to use "successive approximation" in order to have control over what the dog is learning.


Focus for all training sessions should be on what the dog learns, not testing what the dog knows.


4 min 19 sec.




Military and police dog handlers and instructors whose dogs are already doing bite work and have their foundation in laser training completed. This is covered in our online course titled Laser Directional Training for Police and Military Dogs.


The dog should have been trained to reliably go 50m to laser dot and sit. The dog should also have had basic bite work training. It should have a good grip when it bites and it should understand targeting. You will need a laser for this training. The laser we recommend has a wavelength that is less damaging to eyes. We do not recommend normal chap laser pointers. We recommend the Firefield Laser Designator available at


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            • Down And Stare Indication
            • Scent Imprinting
            • Sit And Stare Indication
            • Systematic Search
            • Variable Surface Tracking


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