Decoy Fundamentals

with Mark Keating

Skill Level: Intermediate

Length: 3 Modules

Access Period: Unlimited

Price: $150.00

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Module 1

Mechanics of Working a Dog in a Bite Suit



This module has two purposes. The first is to teach decoys correct and safe training concepts in a bite suit. The second is to teach dog handlers exactly what, why, and how a decoy should work a dog in a bite suit.


We want to teach dog handlers exactly what decoys are doing with their dogs. We want dog handlers to recognize good training as well as inappropriate training. We want to give handlers the information they need to be able to discuss and communicate a training plan with their decoy.




Basic Bite Suit Presentation and Targeting



After finishing module 1, you should have a basic understanding of what to do while the dog is biting you. Now that you understand the mechanics of working the dog, you need to know how to present the dog with the right picture so they will bite where you want them to.


In this module you will learn several different ways to present leg bites, both front and back, along with upper body presentations.




Basic Catches in a Bite Suit



In this module you will learn how to take the targeting skills from the 2nd module and apply them into catching dogs. Catching dogs on a suit is the ultimate goal of anyone learning to do decoy work.


The skills taught in this module will give you insight into how to properly absorb the impact of a dog being sent off leash from a distance. We will cover upper and lower body, as well as front and back catches. You should have a general understanding of how to present the bite and what picture to show the dog. Now you will learn how to bring it full circle and put all the skills you’ve learned into practical applications.





Mark is a professional dog trainer at Red Star Kennel in Hudson, WI. He is also a French Ring decoy, handler, and trainer. Mark has over 15 years of experience training dogs in obedience, protection work, and behavior modification.


As a Ring decoy, Mark has decoyed over 30 trials in the US and Canada under several American and French judges. Mark was the US winner of the North American Ringsport Association’s Decoy Super Selection, and also decoyed the 2009 regional championship. As a handler, Mark has titled a Dutch Shepherd mix to Ring I, and his Malinois, Lot du Loups du Soleil, to Ring III. As a coach/training decoy, Mark has developed the entire program on over ten dogs ranging from brevet to Ring III. Notable achievements would be the world’s first Ring I Presa (Red Star Lutiy) and the US’s first Ring II Bouvier female (Briarlea’s Luna). In addition, Mark has taught technique to countless dogs of various disciplines of various breeds, and also taught seminars in French Ring around the midwest.


Mark, along with Irina Shimko, breed working Presa Canarios, Belgian Malinois, and Miniature Poodles at Red Star Kennel.




Bitework, protection training, bitesports, mondioring, French ring, IPO


Necessary equipment: arm and leg sleeves and a bite suit

Course Outline


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What's the difference between this course, and Mark's other decoy courses?

This course consists of Mark's three different bite suit courses offered here on the university. The courses combined into this course are Basic Catches in the Bite Suit, Mechanics of Working a Dog in a Suit and Basic Bite Suit Presentation and Targeting.


This content is all offered on streaming and DVD platforms as well on The DVDs can be bought as a set or individually while the streaming versions are only offered for individual purchase.


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