Luring & Footwork Without A Dog

with Michael Ellis

Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 3 Modules

Access Period: Unlimited

Price: $50.00

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 Luring Footwork Without a Dog


If you have already purchased several of Michael Ellis's other courses or streams you may not need this luring course. Michael covers luring in his 16 week Principles of Dog Training course, he covers it in The Power of Training Dogs with Food and the Power of Playing Tug with your Dog, Michael's 3 Day Workshop and Advanced Concepts in Motivation. The difference is this course does go into more detail than these other courses. This course has 54 videos with a total of 3 1/2 hours of video.


After engagement training, Luring is the first physical tool we use to manipulate our dogs when creating behaviors. Through luring we control the dog’s body by controlling their head.


When we train luring we teach our dog to push its nose into our lure hand and we expect them to follow the target hand wherever we move it. We also use luring when we teach the sit, down, raised bed, touch pads for jumps, the send away, head position while heeling and much more. 


New trainers often make the same mistakes when they start to lure. To eliminate these problems, Michael has broken luring into small exercises that students can practice without their dog before the try luring with a dog.


Michael begins by teaching foot work to lure in a straight line without the dog. He has drills for luring while backing  away from the dog and drills for lateral movement. He has also developed exercises teaching new trainers how and when to properly deliver a food reward.  Knowing how and when to change our wrist position during luring will eliminate getting fingers and hands accidentally bit. He even has an exercise on how to reload the food hand after delivering a reward.  These are all learned skills that any student can master. 


Students who have attended Michael's school make luring look easy, it’s not. With training and practice everyone can learn to lure like a pro. This course shows dogs that are lured correctly (so you see what it should  look like) and we also show a number of handlers and dogs that are still learning. It is our opinion that people can learn best by watching others go through the learning process. 



Beginning to intermediate dog trainers




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 Course Outline

Module 1    
  Segment 1 About Michael Ellis
  Segment 2 Why We Teach Our Dogs to Lure
  Segment 3 Learning the Lure
Module 2    
  Segment 1 Backing Drills
  Segment 2 Food Handling Without the Dog
  Segment 3 Weight Shift and Balance Drills
  Segment 4 Straight Line Luring Drills
  Segment 5 Teaching the Dog How to Be Lured
  Segment 6 Lateral Work Without the Dog
  Segment 7 Misses - How and Why?
  Segment 8 Tug Presentations Without a Dog
  Segment 9 Review: Movement Without a Dog
Module 3    
  Segment 1

Teach Puppy Behaviors Using Luring

  Segment 2 Continue Your Education with Michael Ellis
  Segment 3 The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers
  Segment 4  Article: The Value of "Markers" in Training
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