Puppy Development Workshop

with Michael Ellis

Skill Level: Beginner

Length: 5 Modules

Access Period: Unlimited

Price: $400.00

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We offer two courses with Michael Ellis on raising puppies:

1- Raising Your Puppy with Michael Ellis

2- This course on the Puppy Development Workshop.


While there is some overlap of information these courses are basically two different products. The course on raising your puppy goes into selecting your puppy, how to prepare your home for a new puppy, how to manage the new puppy in the home and how to socialize the puppy. That  DVD and associated course contains 6 hours and 55 minutes of material.


This course (Puppy Development Workshop) contains over 20 hours of video content that is broken down in 232 short videos. To get a feel for content we recommend you review the course outline.


This course is an in-depth primer on rearing a puppy for success in any discipline. It covers early critical socialization, “learning to learn”, shaping behavior, controlling environment to keep problems from emerging, proper play techniques (to maximize motivation), house breaking and teaching manners without destroying a dog’s desire to work, and general management. This course is designed for a variety of trainers, from active pet dog trainers to competitive obedience, agility, or protection sport trainers. 


For those people who want hands on training with a world class instructor, Michael offers a work shop on raising puppies at his school in California.  We highly recommend it. 


In our opinion there is no better place in the world where you can get in-depth training. We recommend that people who want to become professional dog trainers take all of these online Michael Ellis courses and then attend his school. 


We have noticed trend where Leerburg's customers who have taken our online courses with Michael end up going out to his school in California to attend in-person training classes.




This course is designed for a variety of trainers, from active pet dog trainers to competitive obedience, agility, or protection sport trainers. Learn to lay a solid foundation… it will pay off in the long run.



Course Outline


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Course Outline


Module 1    Videos - Day 1
  Segment 1

 About Michael Ellis

  Segment 2  Terminology  (17 videos / 56 min)
  Segment 3

 Your Puppies Guidelines  (13 videos / 44:04 min)

  Segment 4   Classical Conditioning  (3 videos / 21:41 min)
  Segment 5  Operant Conditioning  (4 videos / 28:48 min)
  Segment 6  Equipment Habituation  (1 video / 20:57 min)
  Segment 7

 Introducing Your Puppy to a New Space with Food

(15 videos / 83:28 min)

  Segment 8  Q&As  (8 videos / 22 min)
Module 2    Videos - Day 2
  Segment 1  Walking Your Puppy  (5 videos / 35:45 min)
  Segment 2  Our Communication System (4 videos / 31:05 min)
  Segment 3  Using Our Good and Yes Marker  (14 videos / 57:44 min)
  Segment 4  Engagement Principles (5 videos / 35:05 min)
  Segment 5  Restrained Recalls  (16 videos / 76:39 min)
  Segment 6  Review  (7 videos / 24:07 min)
Module 3    Videos - Day 3
  Segment 1  Find Balance in Training  (4 videos / 38:21 min)
  Segment 2  Beginnings of Behavior Creation  (8 videos / 47:20 min)
  Segment 3  Luring Demos  (11 videos / 59:23 min)
  Segment 4  Frustration to Create Motivation  (1 video / 8:28 min)
  Segment 5  Review  (9 videos / 36:11 min)
Module 4   Videos - Day 4
  Segment 1  Opening Lectures  (6 videos / 58:46 min)
  Segment 2  Name Recognition Recap  (11 videos / 41:39 min)
  Segment 3  Handling Drills  (4 videos / 21:09 min)
  Segment 4  The Recall  (12 videos / 54:11 min)
  Segment 5  Q&As  (10 videos / 43:13 min)
Module 5   Videos - Day 5
  Segment 1  Play  (5 videos / 27:48 min)
  Segment 2  Restrained Play  (5 videos / 13:19 min)
  Segment 3  Play Demonstrations  (11 videos / 82:23 min)
  Segment 4  Environmental Conditioning  (12 videos / 67:48 min)
  Segment 5  Luring  (3 videos / 16:15 min)
  Segment 6  Review and Q&As  (8 videos / 49:32 min)
  Segment 7  The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers
  Segment 8  Article: The Value of "Markers" in Training with Michael Ellis
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