The Electric Collar

with Michael Ellis

Skill Level: Advanced

Length: 6 Modules

Access Period: Unlimited

Price: $75.00

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This course will cover how to select the correct remote collar for your dog, how to determine the levels to use during your training, and how to properly condition your dog to the electric collar. We'll also cover the prerequisites for what your dog should already know prior to layering the remote collar over behaviors. This course should give you a thorough understanding of how to begin your remote collar work in a way that eliminates any superstitious associations that your dog may develop from the remote collar.


We'll also cover the three major training categories we use the e-collar for including obedience, high arousal activities, and management. You'll learn how to take a dog that has been properly conditioned to the collar and in only a few short training sessions achieve the desired results through low level stimulation



Course Outline


Module 1   Introduction and Terminology
  Segment 1 Why Use an E-Collar?
  Segment 2 Escape and Avoidance Training
  Segment 3 Negative and Positive Reinforcement
  Segment 4 Superstitious Associations
  Segment 5 Active and Suppressive Stressors
  Segment 6 Opposition Relfex 
  Segment 7 Arousal Level 
  Segment 8 Contact 
  Segment 9 Overshadowing 
  Segment 10 Chemistry of Behavior 
  Segment 11 Stim vs Stimulation 
  Segment 12 Continuous vs Momentary
  Segment 11 Bump
  Segment 12  Generalized Inhibition
Module 2   Collar Habituation and Conditioning
  Segment 1 Classical and Operant Conditioning
  Segment 2  Escape and Avoidance Training
  Segment 3 Selecting the Right Collar
  Segment 4 Habituation
  Segment 5 Before Using the Collar - Prerequisites
  Segment 6 Setting the Level 
  Segment 7 Setting the Level: DEMOS
  Segment 8 Collar Conditioning
  Segment 9 Collar Conditioning - DEMOS
  Segment 10 The Conditioning Process
  Segment 11 Applying the Collar
Module 3   Shaping Behaviors
  Segment 1 The Recall
  Segment 2 Heeling / Focus
  Segment 3 Back Place Work and Foot Targets
  Segment 4 Stays
  Segment 5 The Retrieve
  Segment 6 Loose Leash Walking
Module 4   Protection and High Arousal Activities
  Segment 1 Recalls From Biting
  Segment 2 Secondary Control
Module 5   Management
  Segment 1 Problems That May Arise
  Segment 2 Not all Superstitious Associations are Bad
  Segment 3 Management
  Segment 4 Conclusion
Module 6   Where to Go From Here
  Segment 1 Continue Your Education with Michael


Advanced Dog Trainers


This course is based on an understanding of our general training principles. Those of you who are not familiar with the way we approach training, it would be extremely useful, maybe even necessary for you to expose yourself to some of the ideas about training in general and communication that we cover in some of our other DVDs. I would like to see you have a familiarity with the concepts covered in our training dogs with food and Training the Recall DVD. Both of these concepts are really important, as concepts covered there in detail will be used in this course without thorough explanations. This course would be excessively long if we revisited all the basic prerequisites ahead of time. So please familiarize yourself with our approach to training communication before going through this course.



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DVD:  2 separate DVDs: total length 3 hours 42 minutes (physical copy)

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Online Course:  85 videos (206 minutes), text content, lifetime access, stream from anywhere on any smart device

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