How We Manage Dogs in Our Home

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How We Live With & Manage Our Personal Dogs

Online training is new addition to the dog training world. We know how much better it is than DVDs or even seminars but we needed a way to demonstrate this to new customers (or even existing customers).  So, I took three and a half months to put this course on management together. This course will teach people how to live with and manage their dog or multiple dogs in their home. Cindy and I live with five house dogs: two Belgian Malinois, a Border Terrier, an Australian Cattle Dog, and a Shih Tzu. The last two are puppies that are seven months and one year old (as of April 2016).

When the average person buys a dog, they think that taking their dog to an 8 week obedience class is going to teach that dog to be a calm, friendly, submissive member of the family, but the fact is that nothing could be further from the truth. We can bring a totally untrained dog into our home and through proper management, teach that dog how we expect it to act in our home.

If you have a new dog or a dog with behavioral problems, you need the information in this course. Its not the only training you and your dog will need, but it will get you off on the right foot.  It will teach you how to get control of your dog (or dogs), and it will point you in the right direction to further both your education and your dog's education. This course will also show you how much more you can learn from online training DVDs or even live classes. You can review the work as many times as you wish.

The goal of this course is to show new dog owners how we live with our five dogs.

We will show people how we mold our dogs, by controlling the environment we put them in and then controlling their behavior once they are in a new environment.

We hope that students will walk away from this course with enough new ideas to have a road map to accomplish the same thing.

While all five of our dogs are are now calm and quiet in our home, had our two Malinois gone to inexperienced dog owners they would probably been put to sleep before they reached 12 months of age.  Lucky for them, they came to us and were raised in our program.

A Short Bio on My Background in Dogs

At the bottom of this web page you can watch or read about my philosophy on dog training. I recommend you take a minute and watch. I say that because it is important the new dog owners respect the source of information they get to help their live with and train their dog.

I have owned dogs' my entire life. For the past 50 years training dogs has been my passion. I have been very lucky to have turned my passion into a career.

For more than 30 of those 50 years I bred working bloodline German Shepherds. We had a state of the art breeding facility with dedicated whelping rooms, inside/outside dog runs. We had nine 40 'x 60' dog yards which were separated by 20 foot lanes filled with pine trees. We also had 8 puppy yards that were designed exclusively to managing puppies during and after they were weaned.

The biggest thing I learned over the past 50 years is how to live with and manage my dogs and that's exactly what this course is about. We will show you how Cindy and I live with and manage our house dogs.

I am sure there are those who do things a little differently which is fine. What we do works for us and is based on our experience.  

We hope you can take a few ideas away from this course that will help you manage and live with your dog or dogs.


Course Content

Our course explains the pros and cons of various management tools.

We cover:

  1. How we manage our five dogs in our home
  2. The tools we use to manage our dogs
  3. How we manage our dogs on walks, when they meet people, bikes and other on and off leash dogs
  4. How we introduce a new dog into our home with our other dogs
  5. How we manage our dogs when we have guests
  6. How we manage our dogs and our office cats
  7. How we manage our dogs when they are around children
  8. How we handle our dogs when they ride in our vehicles
  9. How we manage our dogs when we meet other off-leash dogs

We decided to offer this course to show new customers how powerful a well organized Leerburg Online dog training courses can be. We feel that once you have seen the quality of information and how easy is is to  go back and review material you will want to take a paid course.


Ed Frawley's Philosophy on Dog Training

It's important that dog trainers have confidence in the instructor they chose to listen to. This is why I am including a short video detailing my philosophy of dog training. 


New or first-time dog owners, or people who want to learn how to manage their household pets more efficiently.





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